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Slimmetry is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Amway/Quixtar’s Nutrilite. This weight loss product is designed to help the consumer lose weight in conjunction with a healthy low calorie or low carb diet and moderate exercise program. This product contains all natural ingredients and should have little adverse side effects on the consumer besides the possibility of a jittery feeling due to the increase of caffeine in the body.


Slimmetry contains all natural ingredients. This product by Nutrilite contains: Green Tea Extract, Yerba Mate Extract, Birch Extract, and Coleus Forskohlii Extract.

Product Features

Slimmetry is a weight loss product that claims it can aid in weight loss when combined with a low calorie, or low carb diet and a moderate exercise program. The official website for Slimmetry also suggest taking this product in combination with the companies other weight loss products for the best weight loss results.

Slimmetry contains several ingredients commonly contained in weight loss products. It does not appear to contain any one product known on its own to produce great weight loss success. This weight loss product is missing a strong fat burner to increase weight loss. Slimmetry does contain a number of stimulants which when taken together can cause jitteriness and increased heart rate. Caffeine is found in both Green Tea Extract and Yerba Mate Extract. Green Tea can decrease appetite, but can cause side effects if taken in large doses. The official website does not state how much of each ingredient is included in this weight loss supplement. Yerba Mate Extract is also includes caffeine which can increase the side effects which can potentially occur with a large dose of stimulants, such as caffeine. Birch Extract is commonly used as a diuretic. This should lead consumers to believe that a portion of their weight loss will come from water weight rather than from loss of fat. Coleus Forskohi Extract is a natural herb found to be used in traditional Asian Medicine. This ingredient is used for everything from asthma to erectile dysfunction. This ingredient should be taken with great caution as it can interact with many medicines and other natural ingredients. Slimmetry only contains a few ingredients but the manufacturer does not disclose how much of these ingredients are included in the product. The official website for Slimmetry also does not provide clinical trials to back the claims of their product. The cost of Slimmetry may seem reasonable compared to other weight loss products at $39 for 180 pills, but consumers must take up to 6 pills per day.

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  • Slimmetry is a weight loss supplement which does have a dedicated website from which the product can be purchased.
  • The ingredients in Slimmetry are all natural.


  • Slimmetry does not contain a proven fat burner.
  • The dedicated website for Slimmetry does not disclose the dose of ingredients included in the product.
  • Slimmetry could have a negative reaction with certain prescription and over the counter drugs and nutritional products.


Slimmetry is a weight loss supplement which requires the consumer to follow a low calorie or low carb diet and moderate exercise program to have weight loss success. These are great practices to add to any weight loss supplement, but should not be required to have even some weight loss success. Consumers should look for a weight loss product which contains a proven fat burner and a strong appetite suppressant, this is one aspect that Slimmetry is missing.

Consumers looking to lose significant weight should look for a weight loss product which contains a proven appetite suppressant and a strong, proven fat burner. This product should have a dedicated website which discloses a full list of ingredients. This website should offer a free trial off or a money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

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  • 1

    I want to know about slimmetry whether in india


  • 2

    presently m gaining weight. Nd m not able to work out for next few weeeks..
    if I consume this will I be able to reduce weight?
    And if the needed weight is achieved can we stop using this?


  • 3

    My weight 76 by loss karni h


  • 4

    Indian rate


  • 5

    Ques. Slimmetry sounds like a great n natural product, but what does one do when desired weight is accomplished? Do i jus take carb blocker and continue working out?


  • 6

    I see that you all said that you cannot tell how much of whatever ingredients is in Slimmetry but that is false. If you click on the product and click details it will give you that as well as product comparisons. Slimmetry is a Nutrilite product and that is why it is all natural because you can trace back every component that goes into it back to where it was grown. The instructions also say not to take more than 3 per day so taking more than that would be user error. Any more information can be found on the more info button.


  • 7

    can take slimmetry with other


  • 8

    This product does offer an unconditional 180 money back guarantee. As well, it is not intended for a quick fix & no work. It is intended to enhance your lifestyle change for better health. The clinical study shows this, and is included in the package when purchased. I did not verify the validity of the test, but there seems to be no reason to lie, as the weight/fast loss is not extreme, but significant enough to make it worth the purchase. I have not noticed any jittery effects and it makes me more quickly satiated than when I eat and have not taken the supplement.


  • 9

    Can50 plus years take slimetry?



    Absolutely. It is made from natural ingredients that are not harmful to your body. Have you already used them?


  • 10

    Can Slimmetry be taken if you are hypertensive>


  • 11

    Hi ,

    I have got the products sent to me IN INDIA from my friend from amyway….this is the schedule I am following,,,as per the below

    20-30minutes break fast:card blocker2(1tablet),multi vitmains nutrilite tablet(1tablet) ,slimmetry(2 tablets)-before the protein drink from nutrilite

    20-30minutes Before Lunch:2 slimmetry tablets

    20-30 minutesbefore dinner :2 slimmetry tablets

    please tell me the above schedule is corect

    one more are we supposed to have our meals immediately after the 20-30minutes or can be done even after one hour


  • 12
    alicia nicholson

    I want to know how slimmetry really works?what else you can take with slimmetry that will help it to work fast?


  • 13

    This is magnificant!
    The only side affect I have is that it makes me feel sleepy!
    But i dont mind! Im going to keep on using these!


  • 14

    If after using the slimmetry and lost weight then i stopped using it do i gain the weight back????



    As long as u stat active and healthy u wont


  • 15

    yes it is safe! i take both and there is no bad side effects.


  • 16

    is this use to reduce weight till how many kgs per month? to reduce nearly 3o kg’s how many times to take a day,how to take,what diet to be sir? what rate will it be?


  • 17


    I just bought Slimmetry and CLA 500 can i take them both at the same time? Is it safe? I’d greatly appreciate it this is my first time trying and i don’t want to mix them if i shouldn’t

    thanks :)



    Yes, you can take them both at the same time. I’m actually doing that, in addition to Double X, Rhodiola and Glucose Health, and have lost 30 lbs so far. Sensible eating habits as well as moderate exercise (I only do about 30 minutes on my lunch hour) every day and you’re golden!!!


  • 18


    I think you should go deeper in your research. Cause Nutrilite interests are not to harm nature, and by nature means your body, it’s not right for your health to get a strong appetite suppressant, because this tipe of ingredient can alter your metabolism.
    Besides, a good and healthy fat burner such as CLA 500, can’t be mixed up with the slimmetry’s ingredients to create a pill, therefore we have CLA 500 caps aside the slimmetry’s pill, the best organic, natural fat burner created.
    As a plus, All nutrilite products have a 180 day satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied, you get your money back.
    Go deeper and you’ll get fine info.


  • 19

    The point of slimmetry is to aid in weight loss, not be a fat burner. Slimmetry helps by increasing metabolism and fat absorbtion for an extra edge on whatever weight loss program you are on. It is all natural, so of course it’s not going to contain harmful thermogenics. If your looking for an easy way out slimmetry is not for you, in fact Nutrilite may not be for you. Nutrilite is a 75 year old, certified organic company, the products they sell are quality, just make sure you understand their purpose before you make assumptions based on a product.


    Deborah McCoy

    This products website does offer specific information that Slymmetry may be used with the other NUTRILITE Supplements designed to promote weight loss such as the NUTRILITE supplements Carb Blocker 2, CLA 500 Glucose Health, and Invisifiber. I purposely did not want a Carb Blocker and am using Slymmetry by itself. I am grateful for having the ability to opt out of the carb blocker. Symmetry has Yerba Mate used to promote a feeling of satiety. And the packaging clearly shows the specific amounts of each ingredient allowing me to regulate how many of the supplements I want to use myself before each meal and at certain times of the day.


  • 20
    Loretta Fields

    I have been taking the slimmetry for about 1 1/2 weeks and I believe 1 of the side effects is itching. I was going to stop but the itching is not really bad and I am hoping that it will go away. I will finish out the second week and and decide if I will continue using it. I was told that it would not cause any reaction with my taking other medication.


    Karen F

    I have been taking Slimmetry and Glucose Health for 5 days and have lost 9 lbs from 229 to 220. This is with no exercise. One day I ate thai thrimp friend rice and lost 2 lbs. I usually gain after loding carbs. My scale has never been this low. I’m really liking it and will continue.


    Your Name

    I get really itchy too


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