Slimmies Weight Loss Chocolates Review

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What You Should Know

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Like many people, you may be struggling to shed pounds of body fat. Eating a low-calorie diet, and exercising regularly can certainly help you drop those unwanted pounds. However, this is sometimes not enough to make it happen. Unfortunately you might not hit your target weight as planned. Well, the right dietary supplement can help speed things along. This is where products like Slimmies Weight Loss Chocolates come into the picture. Imagine eating chocolate, and shedding pounds of fat at the same time. Well, this is what Slimmies Weight Loss Chocolates are claimed to do.


  • Polyglycitol Syrup
  • Glucomannan
  • Palm Oil and/or Palm Kernel Oil
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Natural Flavors
  • Chocolate Liquor
  • Mono & diglycerides
  • Soya (Soybean) Lecithin
  • Salt
  • Sucralose

Product Features

Slimmies Weight Loss Chocolates are available for $24.99 (30 pieces). This product is marketed as an alternative to pill and capsule diet products. It is essentially supposed to encourage weight loss. More specifically, these chocolates aim to delay fat absorption, encourage a positive metabolic effect, and expand in the stomach to promote satiety. This way you should feel fuller for a longer duration of time. According to the manufacturer, there are no side effects associated with Slimmies Weight Loss Chocolates. This diet product is made in the USA.

Glucomannan and Cocoa Powder are found in Slimmies Weight Loss Chocolates. These ingredients may help promote a feeling of satiety. However, there are no clinical trial results presented to support these ingredients. You should keep in mind that these chocolates need to be taken before each meal, three to four times each day, and a full glass of water is taken each time as well. Therefore the water itself may cause you to feel fuller.

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  • No cholesterol is found in Slimmies Weight Loss Chocolates.
  • These chocolates offer one gram of dietary fiber.


  • There are customer complaints about this product being ineffective.
  • Some users complained about excessive gas when using these chocolates.
  • You pay $24.99 for 30 chocolates, which will last 10 days tops.
  • There are more promising weight loss products available.


If the concept of Slimmies Weight Loss Chocolates sound too good to be true, this could be because they are not effective like they are claimed to be. After all, the user reviews for this diet product are pretty discouraging. Some dieters even stated that these chocolates cause serious gas. So, in short, we do not recommend Slimmies Weight Loss Chocolates for long-term weight loss. It is wise to check into some of the other diet pills and supplements for weight reduction. Fortunately there are plenty of others available today, and some even contain proven ingredients for fat loss.

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