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Slimming Made Simple is a diet protein powder created by Big Boom Brands. The powder does not appear to be currently available for sale from any online store and the only information we could find was a trademark application for the logo for Slimming Made Simple and some nutritional facts. The protein powder is listed as a diet product and the trademark application was filed in 2010. If the supplement is available for sale, it is not though an official website that we could locate.

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  • Protein

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According to the nutritional facts we could find for Slimming Made Simple, the powder (available in Creamy Vanilla) contains 110 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 19 carbohydrates and just 2 grams of protein. This nutritional profile leaves much to be desired, which could be the reason Big Boom Brands never pushed the supplement onto the open market. The nutrition information was pulled from a user-generated database. This means someone out there purchased the Slimming Made Simple powder and chose to enter the nutritional information. The source was not listed with the information nor was a list of ingredients.

The problem with Slimming Made Simple is the inverse carbohydrate to protein level. There should be more protein than carbohydrates or at least more than 2 grams of protein per serving. Consuming a protein shake or diet shake, for that matter, with tons of carbohydrates and very little protein could cause a spike in blood glucose. After that spike there will be a fall and the dieter will crave more carbohydrates for simple energy.

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  • None.


  • No official website is available for Big Boom Brands or Slimming Made Simple.
  • The protein powder or diet shake contains far too many carbohydrates and not enough protein.
  • It appears the supplement was available for only a short time.


Slimming Made Simple by Big Boom Brands may have been a diet shake of some sort, but the company did not pursue sales or chose to pull the product from the market. The only legal information we could find was a trademark application for the products logo. There does not appear to be an official website for Big Boom Brands though the company moved from an LLC to a corporation at some point between 2010 and present. If you are looking for a protein shake or diet shake to aid in weight loss, check your local grocery store. There are multiple choices ranging from powdered products to ready-to-drink products with more than 2 grams of protein per serving.

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