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Slimming Sanctuary is a series of spas established in Singapore. Along with other beauty processes, the Activ7 sculpting process is promoted. Activ7 is a massage and heat based process that is supposed to slim the body in all the right areas. There is no link to an official website for Activ7 nor were we able to find an official website. We did find references to a sculpting gel used with the Activ7 process. There are no prices listed on the official website for Slimming Sanctuary.

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Body spa.

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It is important to note that Slimming Sanctuary does not have any locations in the United States that we could find. There are sixteen locations in Singapore and Malaysia as of 2011.

Claims on the official website say the Slimming Sanctuary has helped dieters lose more than 100,000 pounds over the years and help them reach their body goals. The slimming programs offered include customized slimming programs, spot reduction, detox program and weight management. None of these programs are described online, so dieters have no idea what is entailed.

We found a section of testimonials with before and after photos. Most of the dieters lost about 10 pounds, but there is no reference to the process they ordered to achieve those weight loss goals. One testimonial came from a mother who gave birth to twins. The before weight was immediately after the babies were born which means the weight loss was not likely to have anything to do with Slimming Sanctuary.

There is a men’s section of the website complete with packages for firming abdominals and slimming the midsection. Some of the testimonials were from men who claimed to have lost inches and pounds, so we assume these are the programs they used.

The information on the Slimming Sanctuary website does not give the dieter a good sense of the processes used for weight loss and slimming. This is not to mention the fact that most dieters would not have the funds to travel across the world for 10 pounds of weight loss. Without pricing, supplement or procedure information, we are leery of suggesting this spa to anyone.

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  • Official website.
  • Testimonials from previous clients.


  • No prices on the official website.
  • Only located in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • No detailed information on slimming programs.
  • Some of the testimonial information is not reliable weight loss information.


Massage and spot reducing for weight loss is not the ideal solution. While Slimming Sanctuary is not available in the United States, there are plenty of slimming spas offering similar services to dieters. Spa slimming treatments are not typically proven to decrease weight or permanently slim the body.

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