Slimming Toe Ring Review

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Slimming Toe Ring

These days everyone is trying to loose weight! There are so many products advertized, ranging from the cheap to the expensive. Here is a cheap one – The Slimming Toe Ring. The Slimming Toe Ring is loosely based on the ancient art of acupuncture, which is in itself, is a studied and detailed approach to health. There are certain acupuncture or meridian points on the body that govern digestion and Slimming Toe Ring claims to use these points to help the pounds drop off. Slimming Toe Ring is a non-allergic silicone ring that you wear on your big toe or toes.

Slimming Toe Ring claims that by wearing the rings, and changing nothing else in your diet or habits, the pounds will simply melt way. It sells for $19.95 and there is hurry up and by this product now feeling from the web site. The web site, which has a gimmicky feel to it, also shares that the Toe Rings can bring peace and balance to your life in addition to weight loss. Included in the $19.95 price tag are two toe rings, one for each big toe. The web site has a special claiming this price is only good through May. The offer makes the product seem like a late night infomercial offer.

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Product Features

The Slimming Toe Ring claims to apply pressure to certain acupuncture points that in turn will cause weight loss. In addition to weight loss Slimming Toe Rings claim that the magnets will encourage your core muscles to work harder though out the day. The rings slip on your big toes and magnets in the rings supposedly align with acupuncture points and keep them stimulated all day. They affect points on both the big toe and second toe. There is no further explanation than this available on the web site and there are a couple of very short testimonials praising the powers of the rings.

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  • Inexpensive
  • One time fee
  • Relatively safe – no side effects.


  • No real explanation of how it works.
  • No research or true testimonials to back up product.
  • Gimmicky web site
  • Product is reviewed as a gimmick.


Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing created in the East, thousands of years ago. It takes 4 or 5 years to get licensed to practice acupuncture and a lifetime to truly understand it. Although serious acupuncture treatment along with diet and lifestyle changes likely could help you lose weight, it seems doubtful that the Slimming Toe Ring is the Magic Bullet. The web site and online reviews leave this product feeling a little like a weight loss scam.

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24 User Reviews about Slimming Toe Ring

  • 1
    My names Jeff

    How long do you wear it in 21 hours? Am I stupid for asking this no I not? 21


  • 2

    How long do u wear it in one day


  • 3

    my cousin has the slimming toe rings and wore them for a week and dropped 5 pounds. she’s letting me try them so hopefully they work for me


  • 4

    How long we must use this magnetic toe rings. When we will see the result?


  • 5

    R there any side effects with the slimming toe ring and how do I wear it



    u say that it’s safe but rushing ure heart is not a game that’s playing with ure life


    Your Name



  • 6

    Does it really work?


  • 7

    I have a pair, wondering how long does it take to work, and how exactly do i wear them? Does the magnect stick out from the toe or in up against the toe?


  • 8

    I was wondering how does this actually work??? When will I see some resorts


  • 9

    Mines just arrived im gonna try for a few weeks and see if I see r feel a difference in my body.



    So did it worked for you?



    How long can you wear it at a time


  • 10
    Your Name

    How long does thee pair last?


  • 11

    I found some on the internet for less than two bucks… It seems still like “the real deal” as is the real ones they’d sell you for 20$. I would be surprised if it didn’t work, though if it does, I would be scared of how it may change my whole body not in a good way since it reduces the appetite.



    I got them off the wish app for 99 cent


    Your Name

    Does it work


    Your Name


  • 12

    I have bought one. how many days it gets to reduce weight if I wear it every day?


  • 13

    Got them today. they are making my toes feel weird. i hope they work.


  • 14

    I see there are different ways to wear these do you wear the magnet on top of the toe or under the toe?



    You wear them Under the toe in the center of the toe for at least 8 hours.


    Your Name

    If we use 8 hours daily means when we can see the result. How many months it will take to reduce 5kgs.


  • 15
    ms wong

    Hi,how many times can you use for one pair of slimming toe ring? How long you need to wear it for a day? It seems not tight enough to wear on your first toe so how can we tighten it? Can you really can wear it during your sleep, this would be for long hours? It is very loose to wear during sleep. Guess it is more effective to wear it during walking where you can step on your toe to give some effect I guess, am I right?