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Some weight loss methods are very involved. Take Slimming World for instance. This organization is focused around learning more about diet options, and acquiring regular group support. It is a weight reduction community that incorporates enthusiasm and unity. On the official website, you will find anything from advice for getting active, to group support, to healthy eating tips, to real success stories.

Some of the things Slimming World has to offer are food recipe archives, exercise tips, and tools like the BMI calculator, waist calculator, and BMI chart. While you can attend regular group meetings in your area with this program, you can also get advice, tips and support online through the main Slimming World website at any time. There are no dietary supplements involved with this weight reduction organization. It is more or less a way to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle, while keeping track of your success with weight loss.

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Slimming World is basically a weight loss organization. It is based in the United Kingdom, and dates back to 1969. This organization was founded by one Margaret Miles-Bramwell, who claims it is the most advanced organization in the UK when it comes to slimming down. According to the official website, over five million individuals have benefitted from Slimming World, which translates to a whopping 60 millions pounds lost, total. About 3,000 different consultants work for this organization, and thousands of weight loss groups are held each week in the UK. However, Slimming World is not just an organization; it is a magazine as well. This successful program incorporates both healthy eating, as well as getting active each day to encourage weight reduction and maintenance. At this point, there is an American version of Slimming World, which allows dieters in the U.S. to get involved with this organization. Dieters have the option of either finding a group nearby, or joining online.

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  • Healthy eating and exercise are both part of the Slimming World method.
  • There is now a USA branch of this weight loss organization.


  • There are no simple supplements to encourage fat burning or appetite suppression.
  • There may not be a group in your area to benefit from.
  • There is no cost posted for Slimming World, which could turn out to be a high, hidden fee.
  • This type of weight loss method requires a serious lifestyle change, which some dieters do not want.


Overall, Slimming World comes across as a fairly promising organization for weight reduction that has helped many people over the past 40 years. Having said that, not all dieters prefer a program that is so involved. Instead, many men and women prefer a more simplified supplement formula that hardly interrupts their busy day. Of course this is up to each individual and his/her weight loss goals.

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7 User Reviews about Slimming World

  • 1

    Slimming World is the easiest eating plan in the world where you eat fresh foods in quantities to satisfy your needs and never, ever, feel hungry. You can eat whenever. I have lost over 84 pounds so far on the plan. A good reason to be on the plan is that you retrain yourself to eat healthily rather than have pills and continue eating the high fat, high sugar foods that made you fat in the first place. If you want a treat then you are in charge of what you consume. You can have your syns and eat them, like measured portions of cake, chocolate or beer.
    It would be a cheaper option to choose overall in the long run as you will be able to follow the plan for the rest of your life and maintain your weight and that of your family as the bad havits that are handed down between generations are adjusted to healthy eating making children used to healthy foods being consumed. Diet meals do not teach your family to eat healthy choices. They are just like a band aid to cover something up. If habits are not changed then weight will just yo yo as you go on and of your chosen plan.
    Give alimming World online a go! You may find you enjoy it and it will be cheaper than your pills, potions and ready meals.


  • 2

    I joined sw last Sunday using the online membership option. I have had the most enjoyable experience of eating healthy foods for the first time in my life. I have discovered spices and how they can really make food taste delicious. Me and my partner are doing this together. We both need to lose a stone each and wan o stay that way. I have been using my syncs every day and always 15. I save these for th e evening which consists of 4 ryvita sesame seed crisp reads and a tablespoon of Nutella yum yum. I also have a mller light and frozen blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. During the day I eat melon, apples, orange and banana. I ten to have a mushroom omelette and tomatoes for breakfast an deli ham and salad sandwich for lunch and a great big cooked meal at night taken from whichever plan I have chosen to follow that day. You must always sick to the chosen plan each day – for example, Monday ee day, tues optional day and weds green day , take our pick. First weigh tomorrow. Hope I’ve lost a few pounds!


  • 3
    alan mack

    Slimming world is a healthy eating plan rather than diet. I have been on it for most of 2012 ans lost 50 pounds but on a trip to USA over 3 weeks i put 14 pounds on. I would recommend the diet but have no idea how it would work in the usa as they have different eating habits and foods. There is a website and i know they are relaunching in the usa. The diet focuses around eating as much lean meat fruit veg including potatoes pasta and rice and adding healthy extras such as a slice of wholegrain bread. There are also allowances for milk and syns to use other foods with. I do recommend the diet i am just trying to get back on tarack after a break.


  • 4

    more information please on program..


  • 5
    Brenda Roland

    How do it join or start slimming world diet do i buy a diet book or what?


  • 6
    Julie Ann

    Can be purchase in England OR can you ship to England?????


  • 7

    how do i buy this product in england