Slimple Appetite Suppressant Review

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What You Should Know

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You will find a number of appetite suppressants available at this point. These over-the-counter supplements are sold in drugstores, supermarkets, as well as online. The core purpose of these products is to help you lose weight. After all, if you suppress your appetite, you will probably consume fewer calories. This then results in weight reduction. Well, Slimple Appetite Suppressant is one product that falls into this category. You can find this formula through the official website, and it sells for $59.95 (plus $3.95 for shipping and handling). You receive 60 capsules in a single bottle.


  • MaCoca (contains decocainized coca leaf extract)
  • Cassia Nomame
  • Chuchuhuasi

Product Features

Slimple Appetite Suppressant is hyped as a weight loss formula that assists by suppressing your appetite, boosting energy levels, and helping you burn off more calories. It is described as an herbal formula that is a “breakthrough” in weight loss science. Unlike some diet pills, this formula is supposed to fight fatigue, combat stress, and help you burn off fat even if you do not exercise. Slimple Appetite Suppressant can be taken daily, and no special diet plan is needed.

There are only three ingredients mentioned for Slimple Appetite Suppressant. These are MaCoca, Cassia Nomame, and Chuchuhuasi. MaCoca is the primary ingredient, and it is included to suppress hunger. It is essentially decocainized coca leaf extract, and it has been used for many years to curb hunger and boost the metabolism. Chuchuhuasi is added to this supplement to lower stress levels. This in turn can help reduce cortisol levels, which may help with belly fat. As for Cassia Nomame, this ingredient acts as a fat burner, and blocks fat from being digested properly or broken down and stored in the body.

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  • A 30-day satisfaction guarantee is provided on the main website.
  • A contact form is provided on the Slimple Appetite Suppressant website.


  • The cost of Slimple Appetite Suppressant is high at $64 (after shipping).
  • There may be some side effects that occur when you take this product.
  • There was no clinical research found on the main website.
  • No user testimonials were found to support Slimple Appetite Suppressant.


First and foremost, Slimple Appetite Suppressant does appear to contain some unique and interesting ingredients. However, even though these ingredients are natural, it does not mean they are totally safe. In other words, this weight loss formula could lead to some side effects. Furthermore, there is no clinical research or test results presented on this diet pill. Not to mention, no user success stories are posted on the primary website. Finally, the cost of Slimple Appetite Suppressant is quite high at $64 per bottle.

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