Slimquick Active Kit Review

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Slimquick Active Kit

What You Should Know

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Slimquick Active Kit is a package of three different formulas designed to help women with their weight loss problems. This all natural program claims to target all of the things that cause women’s weight loss trouble. This weight loss trio is also designed to help women lose weight in all 6 possible ways: burning calories, burning fat, metabolism, energy, antioxidants, and appetite. The program also claims to prevent bloating and excessive water retention.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients of the 7 Day Cleanse include glucomannan, green tea extract, senna extract, ginseng extract, lactospore, chaste tree extract, milk thistle extract, artichoke, turmeric, dandelion, cranberry, fennel seed, peppermint extract, caraway, ginger, slippery elm, bromelain, and cinnamon.

The ingredients of the Weight Loss Caplets include vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, calcium, green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, rhodiola rosea, chaste tree extract, juniper berry extract, soy extract, Asian ginseng, brown seaweed, dandelion, yerba mate, uva ursi, Japanese knotweed extract, phytosterols, and l-theanine.

The Appetite Control Packets include folate, chromium trichloride hexahydrate, whey protein concentrate, inulin, synetrim, ginseng extract, and chaste tree extract.

Product Features

This program is made up of three parts: Slimquick Active 7 Day Cleanse, Slimquick Active Weight Loss Caplets, and Slimquick Appetite Control Packets. By combining a cleanse, a weight loss pill, and an appetite suppressant all together, Slimquick Active Kit claims to be the ultimate answer to a women’s weight loss woes.

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  • These products include several ingredients that have been linked to successful weight loss.
  • This program includes detailed information about exercise and dieting, including recipes.
  • Slimquick Active Kit comes with a free starter meal program.


  • This Slimquick product has many high claims for itself, but no substantial evidence to back it up.
  • Some of the ingredients in these products are diuretics and could cause dehydration.
  • Each of the three Slimquick Active Kit formulas includes a large number of ingredients. These ingredients are found in quantities that are too small to do any good, and it is likely that many of the ingredients are just fillers to make the product seem better.
  • This program is not designed to be used by men.
  • The caffeine forms in these weight loss products could cause negative side effects such as jitters and headaches.


Although Slimquick Active Kit claims to be the perfect weight loss solution, there is no support to back that claim up. There is also a serious lack of information available about the amounts of ingredients in these three products and their affects. A company cannot support claims of a successful weight loss product with no scientific evidence or proof from satisfied customers. If you are looking for a good weight loss product, you should choose one that has the right ingredients in the right amounts to give you long term weight loss.

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