SlimQuick Appetite Control Review

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SlimQuick Appetite Control is one of the six weight loss supplements sold by SlimQuick. This supplement claims to help the dieter control hunger with a long list of ingredients. Controlling hunger is important when trying to lose weight. It can take eight weeks or more for the stomach to shrink enough for hunger to naturally reduce. During that time, hunger pangs between meals can be difficult to fight off. Hunger is one of the main reasons dieters claim for falling off a diet.

List of Ingredients

Folate, Chromium, Whey Protein Concentrate and Inulin.

Synetrim, Fenugreek, Astragalus Extract, Tribulus Extract, Magnolia Extract, Lilac Extract, Goat’s Rue, Jojoba Extract, Phellodendron Extract, Eurycoma Longfolia Extract, Rice Extract, Ginseng Extract and Chaste Tree Extract.

Product Features

There are some ingredients commonly used to fight hunger in SlimQuick Appetite Control and some used for reasons other than appetite control. Tribulus and Eurycoma Longfolia are commonly associated with male libido and sexual performance. Some bodybuilding supplements include these ingredients to boost testosterone. There are no appetite controlling characteristics associated with either ingredient.

Chromium and Fenugreek may help regulate blood glucose levels. When glucose levels drop, the brain sends a signal to the stomach to get hungry. Hunger is a sign that the body needs fuel. If glucose levels are kept more stable, the signal is not sent as often.

Astragalus is an anti-inflammatory agent. It has strong antioxidant properties and may help prevent diabetes and cancer. Magnolia extract is used for a variety of purposes including stimulation and as a laxative. Lilac extract is an anti-inflammatory. Goat’s Rue is marketed as a natural supplement to increase breast size. Jojoba Extract is supposed to suppress appetite, though we found no evidence this claim is proven. Phellodendron is an anti-inflammatory. There are clinical studies that show phellodendron paired with magnolia may prevent weight gain. Chaste Berry may help fight irregular periods and the symptoms of PMS.

SlimQuick Appetite Control comes in packet form and mixes with water. The supplement sells for around $20 a box.

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  • All ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • Chromium and fenugreek could naturally control cravings.


  • Few proven ingredients.
  • Some ingredients are aimed at women, not men.
  • No price on the official website.


SlimQuick Appetite Control contains too many ingredients. Natural testosterone boosters, breast enlarging ingredients and a natural treatment for PMS are not needed to control appetite. We have little idea why these ingredients were included in SlimQuick Appetite Control as they do not have an impact on hunger. Chromium and fenugreek are two important ingredients as they work to control hunger on a basic level. With a reduced calorie diet high in lean protein and healthy oils, this supplement could help reduce hunger.

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