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SlimScents is a pen-shaped weight loss product that claims to use pleasant scents to reduce appetite and increase weight loss. The pens are packaged with three scents. Dieters are asked to alternate scents to prevent the body from getting used to one scent. The pens are sniffed at least 10 times per day. There is no ingredient list on the official website. Dieters are warned that pregnant women and people with a damaged sense of smell should not use the product.

List of Ingredients

Scented pens.

Product Features

Each package of SlimScents contains three pens; orange, green and blue. The dieter should take out the color of choice whenever they feel hungry. Six minutes before eating, dieters open the pen and gently sniff the tip three times in each nostril. Before any food or candy is placed in the mouth, the pens need to be used.

There are two clinical studies listed on the SlimScents website. These studies support the theory that scent and weight loss are related. The studies are not on SlimScents, which makes them irrelevant to the product. There is also a social factor dieters must consider when choosing SlimScents. Sniffing a pen that looks like a marker ten times a day could be reason for drug testing or coworker concern. While the package is marked SlimScents, writing on the pen is small and may not be discernable from a few steps away.

A one-month supply of SlimScents sells for $49.95 from the official website. Dieters ordering a 6-month supply are offered a guarantee. Users who use the product correctly for at least six months should lose 2.5% body weight per month. If this is not the case, free monthly shipments are sent to the dieter. The dieter must pay shipping and handling for each shipment. Free SlimScents are sent until the dieter loses enough weight to measure an average 2.5% per month of us. We are as confused as the dieter about this guarantee.

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  • Official website.
  • Guarantee – though confusing.


  • Dieters are expected to sniff a marker to lose weight.
  • Could be socially unacceptable.
  • Costly product lacking clinical studies.
  • Testimonials may not be authentic.


SlimScents is a silly weight loss product that may cause more harm than good. Employers and coworkers will likely wonder why an employee is sniffing markers 10 times a day. The cost is much higher than we expected. Production cost must be small because the company offers to send free product to dieters if they do not lose weight. This guarantee requires a six-month supply, which costs the dieter more than $300. We suggest using proven weight loss supplements like green tea and caffeine. SlimScents is not likely to increase weight loss.

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    How can oi order or find out how much this costs? I am forbidden on the site.