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No information abut the history of SlimTone was available through their website or online. They offer a weight loss pill designed to stop the absorption of carbohydrates thus creating weight loss. The SlimTone weight loss pill appears to have caffeine as one of its main ingredients. The website refers to research done by David Costill in the 1970′s showing that caffeine can increase our epinephrine levels, which in turn burns more fat calories for energy consumption. The website further states that research shows caffeine can increase fat burning cells by 30%. The website goes on to share that coffee and tea consumption does not offer the same caffeine benefit as their product.

Eat all the carbs you want – cheat on Atkins type diets – are offered slogans on the SlimTone website selling their weight loss pill as having the ability to stop the absorption of carbohydrates. By taking two pills 10 minutes before eating SlimTone claims to stop the absorption of 2000 calories of carbohydrates. However, SlimTones complete weight loss package does speak of eating high protein meals and comes with a simple diet plan for losing weight. So it is not really carbohydrate free for all.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients per serving:
Serving size below 2 capsules

Chromium chelate…………………………400mcg.
B 6………………………………………………….10mg
Pantothenic acid…………………………….10mg
Magnesium oxide…………………………..8gm.

Proprietary SlimToneBlend Complex…1600 mg
Thryoslim (proprietary blend of l-tyrosine and acetyl-l-tyrosine, 3,3′,4′,5-7 pentahydroxyflavone and 3,3′,4′,7-tetrahydroxy-flavone and Actyl -l carnitine). Cocoa extract (standardised for phenylethylamine, tyramine and theobromine) Potassium citrate, Guarana extract (standardised for caffeine and methylxanthines), Dl-Methionine, Garcinia Camboga- leaf and rind, Green tea ext standardised for polyphenols, catechins, epigallocatechin gallate and caffeine) Hoodia Cactus extract, Magnolia Bark extract, DMAE, Coleus Forskohlii Ginger ext, other ingredients: magnesium stearate, silica, veggie cellulose capsule. free from artificial additives or preservative. Not intended to treat diagnose or prevent disease or modify physiology.

Product Features

SlimTone uses a Green Tea extract to get their patented caffeine for suppressing the absorption of carbohydrates. They claim research shows that green tea extract can increase thermogenisis and promote fat burning beyond what caffeine can do on its own. The website is full of big words and referenced scientific research. It makes little sense to the laymen. It seems the summery of product function is that the formula SlimTone has, inhibits carbohydrate consumption through the use of some forms of caffeine coupled with Chromium which is a known as a trace mineral that metabolism of most foods.

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  • Advance formula for the use of caffeine
  • Fairly reasonably priced
  • There are a few testimonials with before and after photos presented on the website.


  • No history of the company available
  • Product might effect the nervous system as an appetite suppressant
  • Not the greatest reviews online


Basically SlimTone is an appetite suppressor and a metabolism booster. It reviews as a strong, well priced product that might be better suited for a body builder than an everyday person trying to loose weight. It is suggested in reviews not to take it later than the afternoon as it will likely prevent you from sleeping. There are a number of contraindications around taking SlimTone; do not take if you are breastfeeding, pregnant and have high blood pressure. This is a strong product and it is best to consult a doctor before trying this weight loss aid.

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14 User Reviews about SlimTone

  • 1

    Can slimtone-D use by thyroid patient????


  • 2
    rohit taneja

    is slim tone capsules help in removing stone from glad bladder?


  • 3

    I would like to know taking slimtone tablet effects our monthly periods. cause i am taking the tablet from Feb 20th & my period was to happen on 14 th march till today i havent got my periods ( i am worried)


  • 4

    can SLIMTONE use by men.


  • 5
    janet brooker

    I also in a fit of depression decided to try slimTone. Haven’t received goods and continually emailing them. Stopped payments at bank, but they want lost parcel form. I don’t even know if they have sent them. Iwon’t put my name to something that I don’t believe in. I’ve asked them how many parcels,dispatch number and address it was sent from. Have not given them to me. Just keepgiving me item no. and po box no.
    I wish I’d read the reviews before, but we all have a low point.


  • 6

    this is a complete scam. nowhere on it’s big publicity site does it say to seek medical advice if pregnant or suffer from hypertension..they make you think the trial is up to you, then try slam you with a huge monthly bill. just got mine and now have to pay to send them back plus return 50% of the tablets within 14 days..load of old crap


  • 7
    lisa till

    can i take slim tone while trying for a baby?????


  • 8

    Contact your credit card company and ask them to stop the payments. Email slim tone and tell them to cancel. They are scammers, same set up and company as nutrascience. Never ever buy from them.



    I did not accept terms and conditions of monthly commitment to buy but they sent them nevertheless. I was successful getting through to their telephone exchange and eventually they agreed to give me an address:-
    Slimtone Plus, P O Box 111, Shannon, County Clare, Ireland to return the items to. They say they won’t cancel until the goods are received despite the fact I did not agree to this and now have to pay for recorded delivery and return postage. It will be worth it providing they do not claim Christmas holidays as part of the notice period. VERY LIKELY. However, I will endeavour to cancel any further payments to them. So this is good advice.


  • 9
    Sandra Cook

    Does anybody know how to contact the company to cancel payments coming off my credit card, £112.50 taken this month, no products received and I need to speak to them but the email address is invalid and the phone number won’t put me through to anyone



    I tried cancelling through email takes ages but I phoned and they cancelled straight away takes awhile to get through but worth it,
    Uk no: 08447459698
    Ireland no : 014319764
    Hope it’s sorted soon xxx



    It’s very simple call your credit card company and say you lost your card issue another one , that’s it they can’t charge you again.


  • 10

    Hi i had delivered a still baby in feb 2010. during pregnancy i gained 20 kg weight, now even after trying hard i am not able to lose weight, which is required for me to have a safe pregnancy in future. i wanted to know” Can i take slimtone in this case? Can there be any side effects of taking slimtone over my next pregnancy? After how much duration is it safe to plan pregnancy after taking slimtone? Please Reply? Urgent



    Every person use better tablet ialso use I loss 10kgs