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Slimtrax is owned and developed by the Pharmessen Company. Pharmessen describes themselves as a nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing company. They claim to have been a leader in the production of organic and natural foods supplements, pharmaceutical compounds and performance enhancers since 1989. Pharmessen uses a combination of technology and patented recombination process to get a high level of absorption, long lasting strength and effectiveness out of their products. Pharmessen is a publicly traded company and was founded by Dr. Ninkov, a known expert in pharmaceutical technology. Dr. Ninkov created the recombination process which is the flag ship technology for the company.

Pharmessen is a member of the National Nutritional Food Association and participates in the True Label Program which accounts for proper contents in each product. Pharmessen claims to regulate and inspected all their products under California Department of Health Services rules and are in compliance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. They boast a state of the art manufacturing facility in San Diego, CA costing in the millions and offering the very latest in research and technology. Pharmessen also claims to be finding wide acceptance in markets in the Middle East and Europe for their products. They currently hold, under Dr. Ninkov, seventeen patents for their products. Their flagship product is Slimtrax, a dietary aid.

List of Ingredients

Clove Bud Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Ginger Oil, Calcium Citrate.

Product Features

Slimtrax claims not to interfere with a persons brain messages unlike many other weight loss products. All of the activity takes place in the stomach. Their weight loss program does not attempt to drastically limit or alter your diet, but rather suggests you begin to eat sensible foods and as you work with the Slimtrax product. The active ingredients in Slimtrax are natural, organic essential oils that somehow allow both men and women to loose weight without huge changes to their eating habits. They claim to have no concocted chemical ingredients offering that Slimtrax’s ingredients can all be found on the Federal Drug Administration Generally Regarded as Safe list. Slimtrax claim not to be an appetite suppressant having no effect on the nervous system.

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  • No harsh stimulants
  • No Drastic diet changes


  • No price listed on web site.
  • Very few reviews available.


Slimtrax is a product of Pharmessen, a larger company. Their web site is impressive with lots of official medical, clinical and statistical information. Their product seems all natural and claims to naturally; eliminate free radicals diminish hunger, increase metabolism, help to control sugar levels in blood, reduce nausea, help with fat breakdown, provide weight loss without jitters, or side affects. There were very few reviews available online so this product remains a bit of a mystery. With it being all natural and not radical in nature it might be a safe bet to try depending on the price – which was also unavailable.

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7 User Reviews about Slimtrax

  • 1

    Can people with high blood presure used your product and how much is the cost.


  • 2

    I had a Mital Vale replacement in Jauary 2011 I need to know, can I use SLIMTRAX, as I’m on WARRFRIN since March 2007. Thanx


  • 3

    From what age can this product be used? Can children 14 years of age who is obese use it?


  • 4

    Are there any known side effects of Slimtrax?


  • 5

    Slimtrax was recommended in addition to an eating plan, by my dietician. It cost R213.00 for 90 pills from a local pharmacy in Pretoria at end of March 2013. Dosage is one pill 20 mins before 3 meals per day. Well will have to see how it works…


  • 6
    Marie Gouws

    Can I Use Slimtrax if I am drinking Wafrine?


  • 7

    would like to ask about the price of one pack of Slimtrax .

    Thank you