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Slimvectin is a natural diet supplement touting itself as the “#1 Selling Acne Pill”, and also doubling as a diet aid for consumers interested in losing weight quickly and naturally. Containing a mixture of self-professed superfoods which the manufacturers claim will rev up your metabolism and allow you to lose weight effortlessly, Slimvectin looks nearly identical to TeaVitra, another supplement sold through the same retail site — It is possible this is the same product described on TeaVitra’s consumer website. Either way, it is a bit troubling that this product is only sold via Ebay.

Slimvectin, currently sold through independent Ebay retailers for $14.95, is a naturally-based pill that uses natural food extracts as part of their weight loss formulation. Packaged with a lifetime money-back guarantee, consumers are pretty much assured there is little risk with trying this product — minus any safety hazards, that is. Taken as prescribed, Slimvectin claims to do many things, ranging from balancing your mood to clearing up acne and allowing you to lose weight. There are very many similarities between Slimvectin and other products, which brings up the question of if this is worth the purchase.


Not Listed on Official Site: Green Tea, Oat Fiber, Flaxseed Oil, Spinach, Broccoli Extract, Garlic Extract, Tomato Concentrate, Salmon Oil Powder, Blueberry Extract, Red Wine 30% Extract, Phaseolamin Phase 2.

Product Features

Slimvectin’s formula is naturally-based, containing natural extracts based on “the ten superfoods”, including Green Tea, Tomato Concentrate, and Red Wine. Unfortunately, we were not able to locate any dietary benefits for any of these ingredients, the exception being Green Tea. Green Tea is the biggest ingredient on the Slimvectin list, which is a good thing – Green Tea has been shown to increase metabolism in dieters who drank two or more cups per day. It isn’t clear if Green Tea has this same effect in extract form, but nevertheless is a popular and relatively effective metabolic stimulant.

The other ingredients included in the Slimvectin formulation may not provide any dietary benefits, but they might provide nutritional ones. Spinach, for example, contains powerful nutrients, whereas Blueberry Extract contains powerful antioxidants. A healthy body is the best way to speed up your metabolism, but of course, it is not known how effective these will be in extract form. This is the only area where Slimvectin is scientifically proven to have any benefit, and it contains no ingredients which will magically clear up acne or keep you full for hours (the only potent ingredient proven to eliminate appetite to some extent is Hoodia Gordonii).

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  • Contains Green Tea Extract.
  • Includes extracts from natural, nutrient-dense food.
  • Slimvectin is very affordable.


  • Ingredients do not provide many dietary benefits.
  • Contains no ingredients which inhibit the presence of acne or curb cravings.
  • Slimvectin only sold through, with no official website currently available.
  • Is too similar to another dietary supplement sold through the same site.


Slimvectin certainly looks enticing, and it’s clear that it is a popular supplement – thousands of people have already bought this pill and provided positive testimonials. However, the only area where it is scientifically proven to provide any dietary benefit is through its main ingredient, Green Tea Extract, whereas other ingredients may only provide a nutritional benefit. We are weary of buying diet aids with no official website, largely because that means customer support policies and contact info can be difficult to find.

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