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Sometimes we come across silly weight loss inventions that have no real benefit to the dieter. Slimware is one of those products. The Slimware line contains plates and bowls perfectly designed for proper portion sizing. Portion control is one of the hardest parts of weight loss. When a dieter overeats for months or years, the stomach stretches. Soon, it takes more food to curb hunger and weight gain occurs. While many diet websites attempt to relate proper portion sizes to everyday items like a deck of cards or a baseball, visualizing these serving sizes is hard. Slimware takes the guesswork out of portion control, or so the manufacturer claims.

List of Ingredients

Dinnerware that supports portion control.

Product Features

The official website for Slimware is simple. It lists a variety of patterned plates designed for the dieter who wants to learn how much to eat at each sitting. The designs on the plates are for more than guest envy. There are three picture sizes on each plate surface. The smallest size is for proteins. If lean proteins are consumed, there is an extender area next to the main protein area. The medium picture is for carbohydrates and the largest area is for vegetables. All the dieter has to do is fill in the areas with the proper food and they will lose weight, according to Slimware.

The problem we have with Slimware is evident. What if I fill in the smallest area with meatloaf wrapped in bacon. The medium area holds just enough mashed potatoes with butter and cream to tantalize the taste buds and the largest area is perfect for buttered peas. I can eat foods I love and never count a calorie, or can I? The meal described here is packed with unhealthy calories, but it fits in the Slimware pictures.

One set of four plates sells for $35. This price is much higher than other portion control dinnerware. Limiting food serving size does not control ingredients.

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  • Helps the dieter visualize proper portion sizes.


  • Costs more than a higher end dinnerware set.
  • Does not limit ingredients placed on the plate.
  • Preorders charge the customer’s credit card before the order is available for shipment.


The idea behind Slimware is good, but the plate does not help the dieter learn how to cook healthy, eat healthy or move more. Portion control is a small aspect of weight loss. We specifically do not like the fact that the dieter must limit their intake of salad, which is high in fiber and other healthy nutrients. Slimware takes a customer’s money and promises shipment later when the product is available. This is a concern.

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