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Do you want to live a better life and lose weight in the process? Small Changes, Big Results is a 12-week lifestyle change that helps the reader achieve optimum health. The book does not appear to have an official website, but it sells on for as little as $2 plus shipping and handling. The authors Ellen Krieger and Kelly James-Enger cover diet changes and exercise. The major push of the book is realistic changes. Many diet programs force the dieter to make unrealistic changes, thus the diet and exercise plan do not last. There are customer reviews on The average star rating is four stars.

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Book dedicated to making small changes to change a dieter’s life.

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The dieter can search the Internet for the latest hyperactive exercise regime. There are hundreds of books and DVDs that claim to shred the body in as little as three days. Some promise overnight success, but these promises are nothing more than pipe dreams. Dieters start weight loss programs and quickly fall off because the diet is just too difficult to follow or the menu plan is too strict and the dieter feels hungry all the time. Small Changes, Big Results does not attempt to make this type of change. If the dieter can make a tiny change and stick with it then move on to another tiny change and stick with that change and the first, the results will compound.

The exercise plan is simple, walking. The first few weeks on the Small Changes, Big Results plan, the dieter is supposed to walk for 20 minutes three days a week. Some dieters walk more or choose another activity for the 20 minutes of exercise. As the plan progresses, the dieter adds more time to the exercise plan. There is no information on the diet plan, but the dieter is not forced to make extraordinary changes like severe carbohydrate withdrawal. The diet changes may include supplements for improved health, but we are not certain because this is not discussed in the product description.

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  • The book sells for about $10 to $15 on
  • Simple changes are easier to deal with than extraordinary changes.


  • No information is discussed about the diet plan.
  • The exercise plan requires only 60 minutes of exercise per week.


We like the Small Changes, Big Results diet and exercise plan. The dieter can make tiny changes that last a lifetime instead of attempting to rewrite history in a single day. The plan is based on lowered caloric intake and increased exercise, but any more than that the dieter will have to read in the book.

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