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The Smart Abs Abdominal Workout System is an overpriced piece of fitness equipment that offers little exercise support for the dieter. According to the product description, Smart Abs increases fat burn and metabolism. The abdominal muscles are too small to have an impact on metabolism, but the unit requires arm strength in addition to abdominal strength, so it may burn more calories than a traditional sit-up or crunch. sells the unit for $40. The previous price was $80 and many consumers reported the piece being overpriced and undervalued. There are only three reviews on and we found no official website for the product. While it is still for sale, it is not selling from a manufacturer, but from a seller on

List of Ingredients

Abdominal workout machine requiring upper body strength.

Product Features

For dieters who are tired of doing sit-ups and crunches, the Smart Abs Abdominal Workout System is a viable option. The cage that is the machine is held against the abdomen. There is one handle on either side of the abdominal cage. The dieter holds the handles and pulls. The abdominal muscles must be contracted to stop the cage from injuring the stomach.

Aside from this one pulling movement, there is nothing else the dieter can do with the Smart Abs Abdominal Workout System. This could be why there are only three reviews on the machine. Even at the reduced price of $40, the dieter can find a more effective abdominal machine for the same amount of money – one that comes with a cardio exercise program to improve overall physical fitness.

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  • The Smart Abs Abdominal Workout System sells online.
  • Customer support from is stellar.
  • The product costs less than when it was first listed for sale.
  • The main complaint is the previous high price.


  • Users may hurt injure the stomach if muscles are not flexed during movement.
  • The price is still higher than some dieters would like to spend.
  • Works only the abdominal muscles.
  • Not sold from the manufacturer – sold from a third party seller.


The Smart Abs Abdominal Workout System is not a product we would suggest the dieter purchase. The unit has taken a sharp price cut, but it is used for one small movement and nothing more. There are no tips for diet or weight loss and no cardio exercise included with the equipment.

Dieters who want to exercise for improved weight loss must work the heart, the most important weight loss muscle. Working the heart is simple, walk more at a faster pace. Weight training can be added several times a week for even better results. Dieters should pass on Smart Abs.

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