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Smart for Life is a company that consists of 50 clinics that can be found across the United States. It is stated that the forst clinic was established over 50 years ago. They offer different types of products that are supposed to aid in establishing a proper routine in order to lose weight. The name itself may suggest to some that it is a program that is developed to help take the unwanted pounds off and to help keep them off. In this review we will try and determine if this program could be an effective weight loss program, or if it just another company that makes false claims in that have no clinical proof to back it up.


The ingredients that are contained in the weight loss supplements that are said to be sold to customers at the clinics do not appear to be listed on the official website. All that is mentioned is some of the products may include all natural ingredients.

Product Features

Smart for Life appears to be a program that provides people with certain things that are needed to be able to drop those pounds and keep them off. We believe that they may be able to do this by providing, with a cost, the customers with certain meal replacement options thus controlling the overall caloric intake.

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  • There are several clinics that are accessible all across the united States.
  • It is stated on the official website that natural and organic product are used in the making of their products.


  • It is believed that being lead to purchase the products that these clinics offer can add up and prove to be quite expensive.
  • No information was found that supports the idea of their products containing an appetite suppressant.
  • For this company to be so well established, most potential customers may believe that the website is very poorly organized.
  • It appears as though the website has no posted research that could offer some type of proof that their methods may actually work.
  • You can only by the products form the company themselves, which may cause an inconvenience if you run out of food and meal replacements in between visits.


When first hearing about this company a lot of people may assume that it will offer lots of advice and support about fitness and nutrition in order to help people to change their lifestyles in order to maintain their goal weight for life. However, when visiting and exploring the website it appears that the company may not offer any of this stuff at all. It actually appears that the main purpose of this company is not to help you to lose weight, but it may just be way to push their products and convince people that the only way they can lose weight is to use their products. Also, it claims that this program can help you to take the weight off permanently, but other studies have shown that when using meal replacement programs that the weight all too often comes back with a little more added to it. Buying all that the products that the company recommends also shows to be quite expensive. It appears that this company may not live up to its own name.

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