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Smart Injections are not really smart at all. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is not a weight loss hormone. Pregnant women have HCG in their blood and it performs several vital functions in conjunction with pregnancy and keeping the fetus alive and growing. There are no clinical trials supporting any claims that HCG will improve weight loss or prevent hunger when a dieter eats less than 500 calories per day. Most HCG diet plans require the dieter eat less than 500 calories and that is what promotes weight loss.

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HCG Injections.

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Many years ago, Dr. A.W. Simeons started s journal outlining a new weight loss plan. The plan required the dieter eat less than 500 calories and take HCG injections. According to the doctor, the plan worked perfectly and the dieter was never hungry because the HCG forced fat to melt away, up to 4,000 calories of fat per day. There is no proof this happens and clinical research on HCG injections actually proves this theory incorrect.

So how do people taking Smart Injections lose weight? The diet is marketed with the Smart for Life cookies. The cookies are used as meal replacements and each are very low calorie. The dieter eats the cookies in place of food and takes the HCG injections. Weight falls off because of the low calorie intake, not the HCG, as stated above. This is a medical program, so the cost is much higher than other HCG program using oral drops. The average dieter will not likely be able to afford paying thousands of dollars for injections clinically proven not to work. The money would be better spent on a proven weight loss solution like healthy diet and exercise.

The Smart for Life diet plan may not be perfect, but it is safer and more effective than the Smart Injection program, but we are still concerned about the total caloric intake. Dieters need to consume at least 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day to safely lose weight. With exercise, this could cause significant weight loss without the danger of HCG injections.

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  • None.


  • HCG is a pregnancy hormone.
  • Human clinical studies prove HCG does not promote weight loss.
  • Dieters each fewer than healthy calories and this could cause reduced immune system and sickness.
  • Starvation mode is likely to occur from eating too little.
  • HCG does not force fat to melt.
  • HCG does not burn 4,000 fat calories per day.


The dieter should be very wary of HCG injections like Smart Injections. Clinical studies using HCG injections proved dieters getting the placebo lost the same amount of weight as dieters getting HCG injections. There is no sense in paying thousands of dollars for a program that does not cause weight loss.

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