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Smart Water Review - Does This Enhanced Water Work? Are cost and taste deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

smart-water-product-imageYou’re about to learn everything you need to know about Smart Water. We’ve been curious about the buzz, so we decided to do a review of the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. We scoured hundreds of user comments. Then, we condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

To start off, Smart Water is a pretty simple “vapor-distilled” product. Once it is “purified” it doesn’t have any minerals in it anymore, so they add potassium, magnesium chloride and electrolytes to make it taste better. Smart Water is mostly derived from tap water. We like that the bottle seals easily so you can take it anywhere.

The product was initially launched back in 1996, when J. Darius Bikoff, the current CEO, started peddling his homemade concoction to local businesses in NY. You can buy it at grocery and convenience stores. We like the success the company has had over a relatively long period of time. We also like the lack of sugar or other unhealthy additives in this brand, but read on…

Taste – “A Problem?”

The first issue we found was with Smart Water taste as it’s one reason to buy bottled water rather than just drinking tap water. “You can stay hydrated by using a fountain or filter, but consumers purchase a product like  this for a reason,” says our Research Editor. “They don’t enjoy these options so they turn down a different path.”

“I was not happy with the quality of the product. It tasted as though it was sitting for a very long time,” said one user.

“Seriously tastes like tap water. Highly overpriced,” explained another.

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Lack of Electrolytes – “Another Concern”

One of Smart Water’s selling points is that it contains electrolytes. While these are used in sports drinks to help athletes recover from exercise, Smart Water doesn’t have an equivalent amount. Gatorade contains about 165 mg of sodium and 45 mg of potassium.  There’s no mention of how much is included in this alternative. We do know, however, that they are only added for taste. Many customers find that the electrolytes are simply not worth the hype and cost of the bottle.

If you want cheap electrolyte water, take a look at Nestle Bottled Water 16.9oz Bottle which has essentially the same things added,” said one purchaser.

“I am going to buy a water filter for my sink and just use that. You can also buy packets of electrolytes from companies like Emergen-C and add them to your water,” said another.

Based on research we have completed, if there’s an issue with a product, like unsavory taste, that could be enough to derail chances of long-term success. If Smart Water is no different from what comes from the tap, that’s enough to turn dieters away.

If you are determined to give Smart Water a try, though, make sure you don’t rely on it to replenish electrolytes after an intense workout. It will hydrate you but it won’t really give you any other positive benefits.

The Science – “Clinical Backing?”

Glaceau tries to tout Smart Water as a new scientific breakthrough in bottled water, but they are just imitating the oldest water purification system in the world. While electrolytes are proven to help your body recover, this one simply doesn’t have enough to give you the benefits. It’s critical to us at DietSpotlight that the research backs up the product. In this case, there isn’t anything “smart” to go on.

The Bottom Line – Does Smart Water Work?

Alrighty, we’ve come to a conclusion that we bet you’ll be interested in. While we were pretty interested in Smart Water to start off, it quickly became apparent that this one doesn’t live up to the hype. We like that it hydrates, but we are hesitant to suggest something that isn’t any different from similar product. If consumer reviews are to be trusted, the taste isn’t worth the price tag, which is also a problem.

If weight-loss is the end goal, we suggest drinking plenty of water and maybe trying out a supplement formulated with clinically proven ingredients that’s offered at a price that’s not over the top.

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How Does Smart Water Compare?

Previous Smart Water Review (Updated November 6, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Smart Water is a bottle water brand that adds electrolytes to the water to replenish the body after athletic competition or training. The water quickly became a hit and everyone was picking up a bottle of Smart Water, even if they didn't need electrolyte replacement. Today, Smart Water is a choice for anyone and everyone who wants to drink healthier bottle water, but it is not the athletic hit the Glaceau, the company behind the water, wanted it to be. Somehow along the way the average Joe adopted Smart Water as a cult favorite and the athletic community never got the memo.

List of Ingredients


  • Water with electrolytes.

Product Features

Smart Water, like other water companies, explains the water source and the filtration process. Smart Water is sourced from tap water - like the kind you run in your kitchen. They run the water through charcoal, disinfect the water and then add electrolytes back into the water. There are other processes that take place to help the water taste better. These processes are the same across the board with most water companies. At the end of the process, Glaceau has Smart Water, electrolyte-fortified water.

Smart Water is not the same as common bottled water. This water contains electrolytes, so it is an unflavored sports drink in a water bottle. This fact is lost on most consumers who simply think Smart Water is just cool water in a cool bottle. Consuming electrolytes from Smart Water without exercising is not going to cause a problem for most drinkers. If you consumed lots of Smart Water you could cause an imbalance in electrolytes, theoretically, but we did not find any information that lead us to believe this was a problem.

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  • Smart Water is vapor distilled and disinfected.
  • The water is ideal for electrolyte replenishment after exercise.
  • The bottle is one of the most popular in the bottle water industry.
  • Glaceau does not hide any part of the production process.


  • Smart Water is bottled water with electrolytes.
  • The product was designed for athletes and people who need to replenish electrolytes after exercise.
  • Theoretically, the water could cause a problem with electrolyte balance.
  • Smart Water is sourced from tap water.


Smart Water is nothing more than tasty tap water with potassium, calcium and magnesium. There is a huge conspiracy theory that the world is being taken for millions of dollars by the bottled water industry because of the tap water source. Smart Water is healthier than some tap water, hands down, but it is not going to help you lose weight or get healthier.

Smart Water FAQ:

We summarized hundreds of user comments about Smart Water into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Smart Water?

Some potential side effects of Smart Water include increased urination, low blood pressure, diarrhea, rash, upset stomach, gas and nausea

What are the ingredients in Smart Water?

The ingredients in Smart Water are vapor distilled water, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium carbonate.

Does Smart Water work?

There’s no scientific research proving the effectiveness of Smart Water. There is research proving electrolytes help the recovery process, but nothing specific to this formulation. Users may want to think hard about mixing it up a bit and replacing Smart Water with a supplement like Leptigen, which contains ingredients clinically proven to work.

How much does Smart Water cost?

Smart Water costs about $1 per bottle. Retailers sell cases at local stores.

How should I take Smart Water?

You should take Smart Water multiple times per day. The recommended serving of water per day is about eight, eight ounce glasses or approximately five bottles.

Can I take Smart Water if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, anyone taking prescription medication, those with health conditions or under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare provider prior to using enhanced-water products, including Smart Water.

What do users like about Smart Water?

Some users liked that you can consume Smart Water anywhere and that the customer service department was easy to reach.

What do users NOT like about Smart Water?

We found that some users didn’t like the taste of Smart Water and that there weren’t an adequate amount of electrolytes in the product.

How do I contact the Smart Water customer service department?

You can contact the Smart Water customer service department by mailing correspondence to The Coca-Cola Company P.O. Box 1734 Atlanta, GA 30301, using the customer feedback form or by calling 1-877-452-2328.

Does Smart Water contain calories?

No, Smart Water doesn’t contain calories.

What type of electrolytes are found in Smart Water?

The type of electrolytes found in Smart Water include ionized minerals, including calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Does Smart Water contain sodium?

No, Smart Water doesn’t contain sodium.

Does Smart Water contain sugar?

No, Smart Water doesn’t contain sugar.

What is Smart Water vapor distillation?

Smart Water vapor distillation is the process of removing impurities from the product.

Does Smart Water come with a guarantee?

Smart Water doesn’t come with a guarantee, considering the product isn’t available to purchase on the official website. You will need to contact the retailer selling the product for details on a guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Smart Water?

There’s no mention of special deals or discounts on Smart Water. However, the last few months have been crazy with our readers taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is simply the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to try it out.

38 User Reviews About Smart Water

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  • 1
    Your Name

    On three different occasions I drank a bottle of smart water. All three times it made me have to pee a lot. It was bad enough that I was getting up out of bed every 30 minutes each night after I had drank it during the day. Has this happened to anyone else? BTW I drink water all the time, at least 8 glasses a day and rarely drink anything else. So I know it wasn’t because I drank more than normal. I won’t touch it now because I don’t want to be up all night.


  • 2

    Smart Water in Canada – is labelled Spring water – from different sources across Canada. Is not tap water. Suggest people start PH testing their tap water and bottled water.


  • 3
    Your Name

    I just started drinking a bottle less than one hour ago and every time I took a drink I was then sick… Not impressed


  • 4
    Foxtrot Oscar

    This is essentially just tap water that has been boiled then condensed back into water with the minerals that were left behind when it was boiled added back in to it.


  • 5
    Jackie Murphy

    I bought a bottle of smart water and I love smart water but this particular bottle had the most awful taste that I have ever taste. I don’t know if I just got one of the bad bottle or they all were like that. I was very disappointed. I bought the water from a dollar tree 18 miles from my house. I was really upset about this.


  • 6

    Can drinking too much smart water cause or add to a constipation problem?


    Cameron (Editor)

    The minerals and electrolytes in claimed to be found in Smart Water is not known to cause constipation, Joanie. If after you stop drinking it, it continues seek medical attention.


  • 7

    Water is great…clean, crisp, thirst-quenching….What is not ok is JENNIFER ANISTON IN UR ADS…SHE’S A PLAYED OUT USED UP HAG …SO SICK OF LOOKING AT HER…apparently any man that’s been with her has too….so years ago loser.MAKES ME WANT TO NOT BUY UR WATER. What has she done to make her ur ideal spokesperson….NOT!…Get a grip & fire ur ad agency ….there are so many fresh faces who have achieved great things & contributed positively to this world. Mr Brand Mgr, id b worried about my job if I were u.



    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone spew this much hatred for someone they’ve never even met before. You must have caught your husband jerking it to a picture of me in a magazine… I will not apologize for that :)


    Dallas Rapp



    Your Name

    Hi Jenn … I am with you ,,, seems someone needs a chill pill. And I happen to love Jen … there have been lots of spokespeople out there that were a lot less worthy of an opportunity than Jen. Geesh! Let the woman live her life she isn’t hurting anyone!

    Again … You go GF (Jen)



    Jennifer….good girl don’t take her shit. Great reply… .I personally have never jerked it to one of your photos….but thanks for the laugh, very funny image )))).


  • 8

    Wondering if your bottle is safe plastic to drink from ?


    Cameron (Editor)

    Smart water’s plastic bottle is safe to drink from, however, as is the case with other bottled water, when raised above room temperature to near boiling the plastic heats up and releases toxins into the water. Keep the bottles cool.


  • 9
    thomas croteau

    I opened a bottle of Smart Water on Mother’s day and found several reddish brown insects or flies or something along thee threaded portion of the bottle and inside the threaded portion of the cap. You really had to look to see if they were moving, being so small, and they were. It was disgusting needless to say. Have you received similar complaints?


    Cameron (Editor)

    Please contact either Smart Water or the store you bought it from; either the insects entered at the bottling plant or sometime when it was shipped to the store. We have listed contact info in the FAQ section, Thomas.


  • 10

    Can you tell me the Ph of Smart Water?


    Your Name

    6.95 for Smart Water according to a chart of various bottled water’s PH count.


    Your Name

    I am confident my electrolytes are being replenished. However, I noticed retention of fluids. Why? I do not seem to retain fluids from Spring water or RO water. The Smart water caused a 5 lb wt gain over night.


  • 11
    Joan McDonald

    Can you open a bottle of Smart Water not finish and save for another day. I was told that you could not open a bottle and then use it again later or another time. I do not like my water cold so I do not refrigerate.


  • 12
    Rachel Long

    How many ounces of smart water to replenish potassium each day?





  • 13

    To be honest, it’s easy to think this could be “Emporer’s new clothes” type water, and I can’t vouch for the health benefits it claims…however, what I’ve kind of been looking for in a water, I found in this- a really clean, sharp, fresh taste in a nice shape bottle. Not expensive either.


  • 14

    Such a disconnect in peoples minds about this, they buy a bottle at a price they could buy 5 times as much PURE VAPOR DISTILLED WATER buying it by the gallon, or getting a machine or Solar distiller to distill your own water.
    THIS is the “Smart” part of this water.! Nutritionists and people who think the body uses isolated chemical elements, overlook the simple fact that the REASON this water is so amazing is because its VAPOR DISTILLED WATER!!!


  • 15
    Tom Blakley

    Nice marketing ploy. This water has very low electrolyte content. Nothing compared to the traditional Gatorade or PowerAde. the label indicates that electrolytes are added for flavor only.


  • 16
    Trudy Christiansen

    I would like to know the pH if smart water. Hoping it is 10 or better.


    Your Name

    Like Chlorox?


  • 17

    i really like they way smart water tasres like beacause it has spot light


  • 18

    This water is really good and refreshing. It can boost your energy. It cost very much , but it’s really cool


  • 19
    steve fecser

    does smartwater contain fluoride and/or chlorine?


    Your Name

    Nope its vapor distilled so it doesn’t matter where the source is and they list what they add



    Yes it does contain Floride AND Chlorine. Check its ingredients online or on the bottle.



    Maybe you should read the bottle, have one in front of me – No Floride or Chlorine. Which make sense, when you distill water you get pure water vapor, anything else you have to add. Or maybe you’re just misreading Chloride for Chlorine, where you got Floride I have no idea?


    Your Name

    Just checked the bottle….it does not contain fluoride or chlorine


  • 20
    Pam Reeves

    Your article said if you drink too much smart water it could cause problem with electorlytes. How much do you consider too much? I drink about 8 or glasses a day. Thank you for your response


    Your Name

    No drink as many as possible science has studied that if you drink smart water ones a day it can reveal 6sense abilities


    Your Name

    Is it safe to use for baby formula ,for baby four months old.


    Your Name


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