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SmartSole™ is a product from SmartThingz™. These are “exercise insoles” that you put in your shoes. They claim to help you be able to burn more calories with every step, much like the special “workout” shoes that have been sued in a class action lawsuit for making false advertising claims. Do these insoles really help you burn more calories, or are they just trying to cash in on the weight loss industry hype? Read this review to find out more.

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Product Features

SmartSole claims to be able to make you feel like you’re walking barefoot in the sand, for comfort. By helping ensure your feet move as they should, the “optimal gait” claims to be able to boost your metabolism, so you can burn more calories than you would compared to normal shoes and walking without the insoles. By boosting your metabolism, it also claims you will be able to regenerate muscle tissue faster, and the motions of walking will help tighten the muscles in your legs, abs, thighs, and butt. In addition, using the proper motion claims to be able to reduce fatigue, combat varicose veins, and combat cellulite. No trimming is required for these insoles. You can purchase a pair of these for $19.99 plus applicable shipping and handling charges. Unlike other SmartThingz products, there is no discount for ordering more than one pair. You will have to replace them on a regular basis to ensure quality, because normal wear and tear will degrade the quality over time. They are available in three sizes: Small for women’s shoe sizes 5 ½ to 8; Medium for women’s shoe sizes 8 ½ to 11 and for men’s shoe sizes 7 ½ to 10; and Large for women’s shoe sizes 11 ½ and up, and men’s shoe sizes 10 ½ to 13.

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  • SmartSole may help improve the way you walk, reducing discomfort.
  • This product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • SmartSole is not a substitute for regular exercise and a balanced diet.
  • This is not a fat burner or an appetite suppressant.
  • Results may be slow to appear.
  • If you regularly wear more than one pair of shoes, it may be a hassle to change the soles out each time you change shoes.


SmartSole may indeed make your shoes more comfortable and make it easier for you to walk, but seeing muscle toning and health results is not likely. Even if you do notice a difference in how you look and feel, the results are not likely to be dramatic, or fast. These would work best as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan, when combined with a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant and/or fat burner, to help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

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    I have ordered a pair but ordered the medium by mistake. Can it be trimmed for 8 shoe?