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Smooth Move Senna is available online from the Smooth Move supplement and tea company. Senna is a natural laxative that is commonly used in over the counter constipation medications. If Senna is used for constipation, the effect can take up to 6 hours and tends to soften stool for easier passing. When dieters research using laxatives as part of a weight loss program, the effect is often far different. Laxative use has been linked to eating disorders and eventual dependence among people trying to quickly lose weight. Anorexia and bulimia have both been shown to include occasional or regular use of natural laxatives like Smooth Move Senna.

Smooth Move Senna is sold online through the Smooth Move website for $14.95 per 50 capsules and $167.40 per twelve 50 capsule bottles. Selling Smooth Move Senna in bulk is a good way to attract dieters trying to lose weight in an unhealthy way.

List of Ingredients

Sennosides A & B (from senna leaf extract), Organic Senna Dry Leaf Extract, Organic Ginger Rhizome and Organic Licorice Root.

Product Features

Senna is the first and second ingredient in Smooth Move Senna. Information is available online pertaining to the potential health risks associated with using Senna based laxatives. Health concerns include dependency and liver failure. Using Senna for more than 10 days can increase the chance of potential side effects like dehydration, reduced potassium levels and diarrhea. Ginger Rhizome is added to Smooth Move Senna as an anti-gas or anti-bloating ingredient. This could mean Senna can cause increased gas, bloating and pain.

There is no clear reason why licorice root is added to Smooth Move Senna, but there are some serious health concerns. Laxatives like Senna can work as diuretics in the body, reducing water levels. When licorice root is taken in conjunction with a diuretic, potassium levels can be greatly reduced to the point of serious health repercussions.

Smooth Move Senna includes several ingredients that could cause serious health conditions. For the dieter, choosing a product like this may not be the healthiest choice.

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  • All ingredients are listed online.


  • Smooth Move Senna includes several questionable ingredients.
  • Reduced potassium levels could be life threatening.
  • Smooth Move Senna is sold in bulk but should not be taken for more than 10 days.


The ingredient choices added to Smooth Move Senna create a supplement with more risk than benefit. Dieters who want to jump start weight loss can choose to increase water intake, exercise more or decrease carbohydrate intake to reduce water levels and burn more fat. These are all healthy choices. Smooth Move Senna includes ingredients that will increase bowel movements but also may cause serious health issues with prolonged use.

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