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What You Should Know

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Smooth Shapes is a cellulite remodeling machine used by trained operators. There is no indication that the machine is available only to physicians so there may be Smooth Shapes machines in non-medical environments. The machine does NOT remove cellulite, according to the official company website, but it may alter the way cellulite looks through the skin.

Cynosure, the company behind Smooth Shapes, does not mention the fact that there are three different types of cellulite – one of which is NOT treatable with Smooth Shapes, according to a doctor’s review on the official website. Type 3 cellulite is characterized by dimpled skin with dimples that show while standing and lying down. This type of cellulite cannot be treated with Smooth Shapes.

List of Ingredients


  • Photomology cellulite reformation machine.

Product Features

Smooth Shapes is a machine that uses heat, suction and massage to change the look of cellulite. The procedure is non-invasive, requires no medications and may provide the dieter with smoother skin. The official website for Smooth Shapes does not mention how many treatments are needed for the ultimate effect, nor is cost mentioned. The company does openly admit that Smooth Shapes does not promote weight loss.

We found it interesting that Cynosure, the company behind the Smooth Shapes machine, is also responsible for SmartLipo, SmartSkin, Cellulaze, Affirm and other cellulite removal and skin tightening machines. If just one of these machines work as claimed, why is there a need for multiple machines?

Smooth Shapes throws a bunch of clinical tests into the picture, but the results of these tests are irrelevant in terms of weight loss. The machine WILL liquefy fat and give skin a smoother appearance after eight consecutive treatments. The effects can last up to six months without additional treatments, but may last longer with additional treatments. The clinical studies prove this cellulite smoothing effect, not weight loss.

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  • Non-invasive procedure.
  • May smooth skin and give the appearance of weight loss.
  • Safe for most dieters.
  • May last up to six months after the final treatment.


  • Requires eight or more treatments for optimal results.
  • Not effective for all forms of cellulite.
  • Will NOT reduce weight or increase metabolism.
  • The results are NOT permanent.
  • There are no costs mentioned on the official website.
  • Cynosure, the company behind Smooth Shapes, has developed multiple cellulite machines.


Smooth Shapes is not a weight loss system, but it is a cellulite-reducing system. If you have small areas of cellulite and you want your skin to appear smoother for those bikini months, Smooth Shapes may be for you. If you need to lose a significant amount of weight, Smooth Shapes is not going to help you love weight.

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