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Have you ever wondered why your thin friends are eating all the time? Why don’t they gain any weight? The theory behind getting thin and staying thin is eating more. Snack Yourself Slim is a weight loss book that teaches the dieter how to eat multiple small meals or snacks a day instead of the three large meals common in western culture. Human bodies are not like cars. You cannot fill them up with fuel and coast around on the excess for days or weeks. Humans need small amounts of fuel very often, like a baby. Eating every few hours keeps the metabolism moving and burning more calories.

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Book on snacking for weight loss.

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For just $12 on, dieters can learn the secret to weight loss. According to Snack Yourself Slim, you never have to worry about eating diet foods or skipping your favorite meals. The idea of a non-diet, like Snack Yourself Slim, is to eat what you want, just eat smaller amounts of the food and eat multiple times a day.

Eating every few hours is a great metabolism boost, but there is more to this diet than losing weight by eating less. Snack Yourself Slim helps the dieter maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Glucose is released during digestion. After food is broken down, glucose is no longer needed and levels can plummet causing hunger. If the dieter eats constantly, or at least every two hours or so, glucose levels never bottom out because the body is always digesting food.

The negative of the Snack Yourself Slim plan is the frequency of meals. The author suggests the dieter eat 100 calories every waking hour. No real meals are allowed and the dieter should avoid foods other than the snacks they are consuming every hour. Eating hourly requires a dieter to plan out 16 or more meals per day. There are no recipes in the book, but the dieter can choose prepackaged 100-calorie snacks.

The few reviews available on support the diet and weight loss claims. Some readers report increased energy and mental clarity when following the diet plan.

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  • Eating multiple meals per day helps regulate blood glucose.
  • The plan allows the dieter to eat every hour.


  • No real meals are allowed on the Snack Yourself Slim plan.
  • Dieters must plan out 16 or more 100-calorie meals per day.
  • Meals cannot be combined.


If a dieter has the time to eat constantly, this plan will likely cause weight loss. Eating 100 calories every hour keeps energy levels high and hunger at bay. Realistically, most dieters do not have time every hour to eat a meal.

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