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A common concern with any weight management plan is snacking. Snacking changes the demographics of any plan and could possibly ruin weight loss efforts. Depending on the weight management plan, snacking is considered a mortal sin of weight loss. If a company has more than 30 years in the business with proven products designed healthier than products on the market, is the company trustworthy? Snackergy is attempting to win over dieters by offering healthy alternatives to traditional snack food. The company focuses on low calorie/high protein/low sugar foods with no additives and preservatives.

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  • Snack-food manufacturer.

Product Features

Snackergy is manufacturer of snack-foods designed to be a healthy alternatives to traditional snack foods. The products include crispy treats, peanut butter cookies, zippers and protein snacks. There was no evidence of artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. There are reduced levels of trans fat, cholesterol and sodium. Each of the products contains low levels of sugar, low calories and high levels of protein.

If you want to purchase Snackergy, you will need to visit the parent company website. Nashua Nutrition provides individual products as well as bulk products. The product line is relatively expensive compared to traditional snack food. For example, on cookie costs more than $1.50. The average dieter may not buy into such an expensive product.

Although Snackergy provides healthy alternatives to traditional snacks, there is no indication as to weight management. There is no information available if Snackergy products will assist with weight loss. There is the chance of weight loss if dieters consume Snackergy products instead of unhealthy snacks, but there is no evidence. There is also no information relating to consuming Snackergy in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

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  • The products are available in stores as well as online.
  • Nutrition information is available on the website.
  • The products contain low amounts of sugar.
  • The snacks are low calorie.
  • There is evidence of high amounts of protein.
  • The products are available in a variety of flavors.


  • The products are expensive when compared to traditional snacks.
  • There is no evidence Snackergy will promote weight loss.
  • The parent company does not discuss exercise, diet or supplementation in conjunction with consuming Snackergy products.


As it relates to healthy eating, Snackergy is a great alternative to traditional snack foods. We like how the products contain protein, low amounts of sugar and several of the products are below 100 calories. What we find concerning about Snackergy is there is no information relating to weight management, in particular weight loss. We know changing dietary habits promotes weight loss, when combined with exercise and supplementation. Snackergy does not address these factors. If you want a healthy snack, Snackergy is a great choice. In the event you want to eat a healthy snack and lose weight, you may consider a different product.

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