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The Sneaky Chef, also known by her real name, Missy Chase Lapine, is a mom who has written three different cookbooks about how to help children eat more fruits and vegetables by hiding them in the foods they normally love to eat. This method keeps the fights down in the kitchen and at the dining room table, but keeps children (and picky adults) eating healthy foods that will help stop weight gain, and will help produce weight loss, provided portion size is monitored.

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The Sneaky Chef has three different cookbooks. Her first book is The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals and it covers how to easily hide produce in various kid friendly favorites. For example, she discusses how to hide mashed cauliflower in macaroni and cheese, how to hide blueberries in chocolate cupcakes, and how to hide eight different vegetables in spaghetti and meatballs. Her second book, How to Cheat on Your Man in the Kitchen provides ways to sneak healthier food into your man’s favorite meals to help him lower cholesterol and get healthier. For example, she shows how to include cauliflower in sesame noodles, how to hide blueberries in a chocolate cake, and how to include six different vegetables in a chili he’ll be sure to love. Her third book, The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue has 101 recipes inspired by questions and tips from her readers, targeting those with special dietary needs. For example, she provides sneaky recipes for allergy free cooking, low fat diets, holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. IT is ideal to keep serving vegetables to ensure your children don’t catch onto you, and if oyu can get them eating those too, then it is extra nutrition.

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  • The Sneaky Chef gets children and picky eaters eating fruits and vegetables, so they get vital nutrients without knowing it.
  • There are many different recipes to choose from, for all meals of the day, including snacks.


  • The Sneaky Chef is not really designed for weight loss.
  • It seems may of the recipes from the first book and the second book are highly similar.
  • This technique relies on making sure the children are not around when the food is being prepared.
  • Many of the recipes rely heavily on using various baby foods, which could be more expensive than purchasing fresh or frozen vegetables and pureeing them on your own.


The Sneaky Chef has a great idea and has made a large empire from building various recipes that are easy to sneak fruits and vegetables into. She makes it easy for families on the go to sneak the good food into the recipes by calling for baby food, and since it so bland, it is easy to season accordingly. Your children may start to get suspicious when they see jars of baby food in the cabinet if there is not a baby in the home. This is not a diet targeted at weight loss, but more or less a way to ensure everyone is eating healthy even though they don’t like vegetables.

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