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With no shortage of weight loss pills, there is really no excuse to avoid the weight loss challenge. We call it a challenge, because we know that shedding pounds of fat can be difficult. Then again, it is often necessary for health reasons. Once you get started with a low-calorie meal plan and regular exercise sessions, you will really start to notice a difference. You can add a dietary supplement to help speed the weight loss process along. Among your options, you will find SnL dietary supplements. This is a weight loss formula made in the Philippines, and it costs about $1.79 per pill.


  • Hoodia Gordonii Extract 500mg
  • L-Carnitine
  • Glutanac
  • Green Tea Extract

Product Features

SnL dietary formula is endorsed by a model, Cathy Remperas, and this product is claimed to suppress appetite, burn off unwanted fat, boost energy levels, and even lighten your skin. Obviously this supplement doubles as a type of beauty product. It is geared toward women, and can be taken daily. Unfortunately there does not appear to be any kind of guarantee provided with SnL pills.

There are four active ingredients used in SnL. One is a common weight loss substance called Hoodia Gordonii Extract. It is a South African cactus plant extract that contains P-57, an active molecule that suppresses appetite. L-Carnitine is added to this formula to assist with fat burning. Green Tea Extract is another commonly used weight loss ingredient, which is found in SnL pills. It contains caffeine to ignite the metabolism and boost energy levels. It also offers antioxidants to fend off free radicals. The final ingredient is Glutanac, which is incorporated to lighten the skin. Unfortunately it does not look like this diet pill is sold outside of the Philippines.

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  • This product may help suppress your appetite.
  • The key ingredients are presented online, which is helpful.


  • You can only purchase this diet pill if you reside in the Philippines.
  • Some women may not want a skin lightener in their weight loss supplement.
  • There is no clinical evidence presented on SnL pills.
  • This diet product is clearly very expensive.
  • There are plenty of other Hoodia-based weight loss supplements available, and for less money.


In the end, do you really want a diet product that lightens your skin? This is definitely a separate issue or concern. Possibly women of the Philippines try to keep a lighter complexion. However, this may not be very safe. Regardless, it looks like SnL pills are only sold to residents of the Philippines. Overall, this supplement is mainly Hoodia Gordonii. You can find a Hoodia-based weight loss product for much less money in the US. Moreover, a product that is probably safer to take.

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