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What You Should Know

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SNS, or Serious Nutrition Solution, offers a long list of supplements and weight loss / fat burn products. There is no official website for the company or products that could be found. Having no website could prove untrustworthy for the consumer who wants to learn more about the products. Online vitamin retailers do list the SNS products for sale. From these retailers some information can be found.

SNS supplements sell for prices between $20 and $90. If dieters are looking for a free trial or guarantee before trying out a weight loss supplement, they will probably wish to choose another supplement company that offers a website and direct online ordering.

List of Ingredients

Reduce XT: 7-alpha-hydroxy-dehydoepiandrosterone and 7-beta-hydroxy-dehydoepiandrosterone.

TTA – 500: Potassium Gluconate, DiSodium Phosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate and Magnesium Oxide.

RK-500 Xtreme: Raspberry Ketones.

Synephrine HCI: Synephrine HCI.

Product Features

SNS offers simple supplement solutions for a variety of weight loss and fat loss problems. Reduce XT is supposed to support healthy fat loss, but the scientific ingredients are just alternative names of DHEA. Other names used in weight loss supplements include 7-OH and 7-alpha-hydroxy-DHEA. DHEA is used to control cortisol. Cortisol is directly linked to storage of fat in the mid-section of the body. There are no clinical studies proving DHEA has this effect on the body.

TTA-500 supplies potassium gluconate. Potassium gluconate is used to restore potassium levels in the body after having a bout of diarrhea or taking diuretics that deplete the body of potassium. This is not going to help the dieter lose more weight unless they are taking another fat burning supplement with a diuretic.

RK-500 only contains raspberry ketones but claims to increase fat loss. Rat studies have shown raspberry ketones to prevent weight gain from high fat diets. Human studies have not replicated this effect in humans.

Synephrine is the most influential of weight loss supplements sold by SNS. The product was listed as no longer available on the website used for research, the ingredient list was clear and to the point. Synephrine contains only the named ingredient, which is currently under investigation by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States for potentially harmful side effects.

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  • Ingredient lists could be found online.
  • Products are priced in the same range as other weight loss supplements.


  • None of the formulas will significantly increase weight loss.
  • Synephrine may not be a safe ingredient.


SNS does not offer proven supplements for the dieter who wants to lose more weight, safely and effectively. Most of the products include ingredients that have no effects on the body to support the claims made. This could mean the SNS company is trying to sell products with false claims.

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