Solani Dietary Supplement Review

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Solani Dietary Supplement

What You Should Know

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Solani Dietary Supplement claims “weight loss without the wacky ingredients”. In a world of weight loss products where complicated formulas, overwhelming programs and obscure ingredients abound, this product is simple and straightforward by comparison. On the company website, which matches the product in straightforwardness and simplicity, brags of what is not in the product: caffeine, ephedrine, gluten, wheat, corn, nuts, peanuts, milk, soy, sugar, salt, or yeast. Lose weight while staying calm with none of the jitters, highs and lows associated with so many weight loss products. How can such a simple product promote weight loss? They claim it is done through appetite suppression brought about with natural ingredients, no stimulants and no side effects. You can purchase the product through the company website for $19.95 for 60 capsules.

List of Ingredients

Solani Dietary Supplement claims their product is a proprietary blend of plant and potato fiber including potato starch (Amylum solani), sunflower oil (Oleum helianthus), and titanium dioxide (food pigment). Quantities are not specified.

Product Features

Solani Dietary Supplement claims that a couple tablets before a meal can suppress your appetite, change your eating habits and lead to long term weight loss. The way it words is that the plant and potato fiber is not absorbed or digested. The soluble fiber is bulks up into a gel leaving you feeling full. This full feeling allows you to be satisfied with smaller portions. The fiber remains in your stomach for a while making you feel full longer. All this is said to be done without the jitters, the crazy highs, the lows and the crashes so common with weight loss products

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  • The product is totally stimulant free.
  • It is affordable.


  • The product does not contain any actual weight loss ingredients.
  • The product contains filler not associated with weight loss, titanium dioxide.
  • Though the claim is made of no side effects, high fiber appetite suppressants that bulk up can cause nausea, upset stomach, overall irritation of the digestive system, constipation and other digestive problems. Constipation is a problem associated with long term use as the digestive system gets used to the fiber.
  • Specific ingredients and quantities are not specified.
  • The importance of diet and exercise are not highlighted.
  • No coaching available.
  • No before and after photos or testimonials.
  • No guarantee of success.


The only potential weight loss property is that Solani Dietary Supplement expands in your belly making you feel full. If you are looking for real long term weight loss, it sure seems like a tough way to go. There are no actual weight loss ingredients and there can be significant side effects including constipation from long term use. One would think there are better weight loss supplement options than Solani Dietary Supplement.

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