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Solaray Acai is one in a million acai supplements. Acai is a superfruit that supplies antioxidants to the body. Antioxidants are important for overall health and they protect muscles during weight training, but superfruits and antioxidants do not increase weight loss. There are tons of acai supplements that claim acai will increase metabolism, fend off hunger and cleanse the colon, but none of these claims are true. The only benefit associated with true, pure acai is the antioxidant benefit, so how do these other supplements work? Supplement companies are known to add ingredients to a formula and not list them on the product label. Solaray addresses this problem in the product description for acai with the statement, “Solaray guarantees that no ingredients other than those listed on this label have been added to this product.”

Acai is commonly found in weight loss supplements, but it will not cause the dieter to lose more weight or feel less hungry.

List of Ingredients

Acai (Euterpe Oleracea Mart.)

Product Features

When the dieter chooses to lose weight, they are making a choice that will affect the body on a cellular level. Increased exercise means increased water production. Water is produced from oxygen in the cell. When the body needs more water, more oxygen is used to produce that water and more free radicals result. Most free radicals are killed off in the cell, but some escape, taking over health cells and reproducing quickly. Free radicals do not stop reproducing until the cell dies. By then, there are many more free radicals taking over many more healthy cells and the process gets bigger and bigger.

The body naturally produces antioxidants, but dieting can increase the need beyond the amount the body naturally produces. Insert antioxidants like acai. Solaray Acai offers a single-ingredient antioxidant that may help fight free radical damage, but vitamin C and vitamin E are also antioxidants. There is no proof listed in the product description that acai is any stronger than other forms of antioxidant.

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  • May help the body naturally fight free radical damage.
  • Contains only acai, no other ingredients.
  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Available for sale from various online retailers.


  • Not available from an official Solaray website.
  • Will not increase weight loss.
  • Will not fight hunger.
  • Will not cleanse the colon.


There are so many fake acai supplements that most dieters simply skip acai in favor of other superfruits and foods with high ORAC levels. There is no proof listed for Solaray Acai that sets this product apart from any other acai or superfruit supplement. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are just two of the common antioxidants. These can be taken in multivitamin form and consumed through food.

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