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Every dieters has read advice on dieting about drinking more water. Water is crucial to weight loss because it flushes the body, decreases the risk of constipation and hydrates cells. As metabolism increases, so does the need for more water. If a dieter does not drink enough water, urinary tract pain could be a problem. Many dieters choose to fight urinary tract infections and promote urinary health with cranberry extract. Solaray Cranactin is a cranberry extract with vitamin C. Vitamin C is also commonly used to promote urinary tract health and immunity.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin C and Cranactin Cranberry Extract.

Product Features

We often review supplements that appear to have nothing to do with weight loss and Solaray Cranactin is one of those supplements. Urinary health is a huge concern for dieters, because exercise increases the need for water and other forms of hydration. If a dieter finds they are urinating less often or if urine is dark and smells strongly of ammonia, chances are the dieter is not drinking enough water. Concentrated urine may increase the risk of urinary tract pain and infection.

Cranberry extract will not promote weight loss, so the dieter who is looking for a supplement to improve weight loss directly should choose a different supplement. If a dieter is looking for supplements to boost overall health, this is a good one to add to the mix, but it may not be any more effective than drinking sugar-free cranberry juice and extra water.

The acids in cranberries are the true heroes of this supplement. When the acidity of urine is increased, fewer bacteria can survive in the urinary tract. Vitamin C will have the same effect on urine and vitamin C is proven to boost immunity, so taking more vitamin C may help the dieter in much the same way as taking a product like Solaray Cranactin. Vitamin C is much less expensive.

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  • A complete ingredient list for Solaray Cranactin is available online.
  • The manufacturer lists the product for sale online.
  • May support urinary tract health.
  • May reduce pain associated with urinary tract infections.
  • May prevent recurrence of urinary tract infections.


  • Does not offer metabolism boosting effects.
  • Information from Solaray for Cranactin is limited.
  • No clinical research studies listed in the product description.


We are the first people to support overall health and the benefits of a healthy body on weight loss. Too many dieters choose to drink less water than the body needs and this can lead to painful urinary tract conditions. Cranactin supports healthy urinary function and it does not contain any ingredients that interact with fat burners or appetite suppressants.

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