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Solaray Maca claims to increase energy, but that is not the effect we found in clinical studies. The root from Peru is known to positively affect libido and semen quality in men. Weight loss companies continue to add the root to diet products despite the lack of clinical support. The root contains high doses of iodine, which may not cause a problem for some dieters, but it a dieter has a goiter, it could cause negative side effects, including goiter growth.

Mace is not associated with weight loss, increased metabolism or decreased hunger. This supplement will not increase energy the way other stimulants like caffeine or green tea increases energy. Solaray does not offer any clinical links supporting the claims in the product description.

List of Ingredients

Maca (Lepidium Root.)

Product Features

Sometimes ingredients are so well known that dieters do not need clinical studies to support weight loss claims. These ingredients include green tea and caffeine, but Solaray Maca does not contain either of these ingredients. The sole ingredient in the formula is Maca.

Maca is a root from Peru. Native people use the root to increase sex drive and semen quality. It has been used to promote conception for centuries in natural medicine based cultures. At no point does increasing libido and semen quality mean the same thing as promoting energy.

What Solaray does not tell the dieter is the fact that Maca contains iodine – a lot of iodine. Most dieters have no trouble taking iodine, but if the dieter has a goiter, Maca may cause the condition to worsen. In some cases, taking supplements with Maca may increase the risk of developing a goiter.

Despite the potential negative side effects and lack of clinical support for weight loss, Maca has been tested in animals for the ability to reduce prostate swelling. While testing is on-going, initial results could mean Maca is a viable solution for men suffering from swollen prostate glands.

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  • Solaray Maca is listed for sale online.
  • Maca has been clinically tested for several health benefits.
  • May reduce prostate swelling.
  • May improve semen quality and libido.


  • Not proven to improve energy levels.
  • No clinical studies listed to support energy support claims.


We found no evidence that Solaray Maca would increase energy or metabolism. This supplement is not designed for weight loss, but it could support prostate health for male dieters. We like the fact that Solaray is available on a variety of websites and the company does offer lots of good supplements, but we are not thrilled that a libido booster is marketed as an energy supplement with no clinical support or positive dieter reviews.

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