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Solaray Multidipholus offers all the healthy bacteria support the dieter needs. When dieters eat unhealthy processed food, healthy bacteria die off. Taking antibiotics can also kill off the natural bacteria present in the digestive system that break down food so nutrients and vitamins can be readily absorbed. Multidipholus supplies the three main bacteria needed for proper digestion and absorption, but these bacterium are not enough to improve weight loss if the dieter does not change food intake to include fiber-rich, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

List of Ingredients

L. Acidophilus, B. Bifidum and L. Bulgaricus.

Product Features

Nearly every dieter attempting to shed 25, 35, 45 or more pounds has ordered a fast food meal or two. Processed foods kill of healthy bacteria in the intestine. These bacteria break down food and allow the body to absorb the vitamins and nutrients it needs more quickly. With healthy bacteria gone, dieting is even harder. Eating less food means the body has fewer vitamins to absorb and that can lead to vitamin deficiency. Moreover, if the dieter tries to take a supplement to reduce hunger, the supplement may not be broken down fast enough for proper absorption.

There are plenty of sources of healthy bacteria, including certain brands of yogurt, but these products will not have any effect if the dieter continues to eat processed foods. The best choice is to change diet to include healthy foods and drink lots of water. This will not only promote healthy bacteria growth in the intestines, but also promote weight loss.

Before taking Solaray Multidipholus at full strength, the dieter may want to take a small amount and work up to the full dose. Some people experience gas and bloating when taking acidophilus. This is a short-term side effect that will diminish with regular use and a healthy diet.

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  • Solaray Multidipholus ingredients are listed online.
  • The company supports healthy bacteria and diet.
  • Available for sale from various online retailers.
  • May promote improved absorption.
  • May help fat burners and other supplements to be more effective.


  • Not designed to promote weight loss.
  • May cause gas and bloating for a few weeks.
  • Healthy bacterial growth depends on a healthy diet.
  • Eating processed foods will counteract the effect of Solaray Multidipholus


When acidophilus and other healthy bacteria were introduced to the world, products popped up in every grocery store supplying healthy, live bacteria. As the popularity of the supplement waned, fewer companies continued selling their products. While some yogurts still contain acidophilus and other healthy bacteria, the best sources are products like Solaray Multidipholus With a healthy diet and exercise, this product could indirectly improve weight loss.

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    This product is taken in my house & others to boost a healthy immune system. I keep the chewable form in my frig so that my grandchildren can take it too when needed. I also crush it along with a 1000mg tab of vitamin C mixed with distilled water, a cap full of pure Aloe Vera juice & a cap full of hydrogen peroxide creating a feminine douche which cures & soothes the vagina from yeast, unfriendly bacteria, or just irritation from too much acid in your system. Truly love this product!


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    ghada essayan

    what is the best way to take multidophilus,is it with or without meal. on empty stomach morning or before sleep



    I was instructed by a health food employee to insert the capsule in my vigina for yeast infection. It worked! However, I have taking the capsules and not feeling well. I am taking two capsules with a meal once a day.