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Not all dieters are healthy and well when they try to lose weight. Solaray Pygeum supports a healthy prostate and thus may be beneficial for older men trying to lose weight. When the prostate becomes inflamed, the swelling makes it difficult to urinate and the pain can deter the dieter from exercise and eating right. Proper hydration is also a problem, but the male tends to believe the more they drink, the more they have to urinate and thus the more pain they will feel. Solaray Pygeum is marketed as a prostate support supplement. It is not used for weight loss or metabolism support, but it could be highly beneficial for men trying to live a healthy, happy life.

The official website for Solaray lists Pygeum. The ingredients are available on the website and the dieter can order the product directly from the manufacturer. We also found Solaray Pygeum available on other vitamin websites for less than the price listed on the official site.

List of Ingredients

Pygeum Bark Extract and Pygeum Bark.

Product Features

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), pygeum may be beneficial for reducing inflammation of the prostate. Clinical studies are on-going, so it is important for men suffering prostate problems to seek medical advice before starting any natural supplement treatment plan. This is especially important for men who currently take prescription medication for a prostate condition. While clinical studies look positive, the fact that clinicians continue to study the natural remedy could mean the results of initial studies have not be replicated with enough certainty to support using Solaray Pygeum, or other brand of pygeum for prostate health.

While we found no connection between pygeum and weight loss, not all supplements support all dieters. There is a small portion of the dieting population that suffer from an inflamed prostate. These dieters are likely to benefit from taking Solaray Pygeum if the supplement reduces inflammation and pain associated with the condition.

It is important to remember that many factors affect weight loss success. One of which is pain reduction. Chronic or conditional pain can reduce mobility and desire to exercise, so Solaray Pygeum is a supportive supplement for some male dieters.

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  • Ingredients for the supplement are listed on the Solaray website.
  • Contains only pygeum.
  • The company certifies that no other ingredients are in the supplement.
  • Sold directly from the manufacturer.
  • May reduce prostate inflammation.


  • Will not promote weight loss directly.
  • Offers not weight loss or health benefit for women.
  • Clinical studies in prostate health are on-going.


Men suffering from prostate problems will often seek natural means of pain and inflammation reduction. There is some evidence that Solaray Pygeum works to reduce inflammation and the need to urinate often. If the male dieter gains control of these symptoms, he may be more likely to stay properly hydrated and exercise more often.

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