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Solaray started making supplements in 1973. In the beginning, alternative supplements consisted of only one ingredient with a list of potential benefits on the body. Solaray worked with complimentary ingredients to product blends that could make any given ingredient more effective. Solaray contains to lead the pack in herbal research and development, but maintains a line of single ingredient herbs despite the popularity and effectiveness of multiple ingredient formulas. Solaray currently offers supplements in the categories of antioxidants, amino acids, digestive health and green foods. For dieters, finding a Solaray product to support health need and fat loss is difficult.

List of Ingredients

Supplements for better health.

Product Features

Solaray has been creating supplements for nearly 40 years. The company help start the blend revolution that changed how supplements are created today. Dieters seeking metabolism support, however, may not be able to take advantage of the expertise the company offers. There are no fat burning supplements, stimulants or metabolism boosters in the product line.

The website is difficult to manage as well. Consumers must search through a category list with tags like Specialty, Blend and Multiple. There are often 20 or more supplements in each category and none provide a list of benefits until it is selected. At this time, choosing a specific supplement to view more information leads to a blank page. Having a list of benefits or a search engine where consumers could find the appropriate supplement would make finding the right product a bit easier.

Under the Straights category, some of the supplements listed are commonly used in weight loss formulas. Marshmallow Root, for instance, is commonly used to ease stomach discomfort in colon cleansing supplements. Dandelion, another popular ingredient, is a diuretic that helps push extra water from the body. Cascara Sagrada is also available as a single ingredient supplement. Cascara Sagrada is a laxative using in cleansing supplements.

There is no pricing information listed for Solaray products on the official website. As a matter of fact, no information aside from the name of each product could be accessed through Solaray.

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  • An official website lists all products sold by Solaray.
  • A history of the company offers validity to the manufacturer.


  • Solaray does not produce a colon cleansing product.
  • None of the products have a description on the official website.
  • Prices are not listed.


Dieters want a company that is trusted and proven in the industry and from the history, Solaray is a perfect candidate. But, the website has several technical issues that leave the dieter wishing they could find out more about each product. No ingredient lists, description, price or benefit could be found for any of the Solaray supplements.

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    Elizabeth Rice

    I purchased Solaray CircuLeg Horse Chestnut Spec from Smartbomb Number slr36661. the rest of my order was shipped 2-23-11 only the above was back ordered. They will not answer my e-mail on what has happened to this order. Can you help


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    I want to know if all your products are 100% organic. And high in quality.


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