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Bodybuilders know the name tribulus terrestris. This ingredient is commonly included in testosterone boosting supplements, despite the fact that clinical research does not support using tribulus to increase testosterone. We found several online retailers offering Solaray Tribulus, but one in particular offered more information than other websites, including the official tribulus website. According to the product description, tribulus is not proven to increase testosterone levels and the active ingredient in the supplement is unknown. This basically means that the bodybuilder and dieter are taking a supplement with no effect on the body.

Solaray Tribulus is listed in the product catalog on the official website. We also found the supplement on the manufacturer website with a detailed listing. We are unsure why the company lists the product on two different websites.

List of Ingredients

Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris)(fruit extract)(Guaranteed 180 mg (40%) saponins).

Product Features

If there is one thing positive to say about Solaray, it is the fact that the company guarantees supplements contain no other ingredients than the ones listed on the product label. Dieters may think this is a given, but the FDA has found many supplements to contain ingredients not listed on the label. In the case of Solaray Tribulus, however, this guarantee does not deter from the fact that tribulus is a useless supplement.

Tribulus was first introduced in the supplement world as a libido-enhancing supplement. This claim is actually supported in animal research. There have been no human studies supporting increased libido and animal libido is not comparable to human libido.

In terms of muscle growth and strength, tribulus terrestris is not proven to have any effect. Supplement companies cannot even tell the bodybuilder what the active ingredient in tribulus is, so there is very little support for the supplement clinically and in the bodybuilding community.

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  • Solaray offers Tribulus on the official website.
  • All ingredients are listed and the company guarantees purity.
  • Available from a variety of online vitamin retailers.


  • Offers no testosterone support.
  • No clinical trials support claims of increased muscle growth.
  • Solaray Tribulus is not proven to boost male libido in humans.


Whenever a product description reveals that clinical testing is inconclusive and the active ingredient in a supplement is unknown, basically the product is not worth the money. Tribulus is touted in the bodybuilding community as a farce. The supplement does not increase testosterone, muscle growth or decrease recovery time.

For dieters, even if the supplement did increase testosterone, it would not increase weight loss. Testosterone is not a safe alternative to proven weight loss supplements, healthy diet and exercise.

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