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Solaren D is marketed as a metabolic enhancer produced by Palo Alto Labs, and among its many claims, Solaren D claims to increase your metabolism, balance your mood, and help keep you energized throughout the day without using harmful substances such as Ephedra. Sold worldwide and through online retail stores, each bottle retails for $39.99, which includes a 100% money-back guarantee after the initial 30 day trial period. It touts itself as the natural way to balance yourself (and your weight), stating its product is fully tested to prove these results. Unfortunately, Solaren D has not made these tests available to the public.

Solaren D promises many things without backing up these claims, and the bigger question consumers are asking is: does it work? Slolaren D is presented as a cure all for overweight consumers, but like most diet products, it is unclear how it can be as effective as it claims to be. The bigger danger isn’t its effectiveness, however – it’s the safety of the formula.


Other independent retailers only offer a glimpse of what is contained in Solaren D. Consumers should take caution before trying this product. Some ingredients included in Solaren D are Citrus Aurantium, Guarana, Chromium Picolinate, Evodia, and Forslean Extract.

Product Features

Solaren D consists of a heavy concentration of Citrus Aurantium and Chromium Picolinate, popular weight loss ingredients that are not necessarily effective — or safe. Citrus Aurantium is said to be the cousin of the previously banned weight loss stimulant Ephedra, and it acts similarly to Ephedra. Unfortunately, Citrus Aurantium also contains the same dangerous side effects as Ephedra, and poses a risk for your heart, especially if you have any history of pre-existing conditions. Chromium Picolinate also aids the normal production of natural insulin (a positive for diabetics), but numerous studies show it poses a significant health risk to nearly everybody. One study discovered that a woman developed numerous health problems, including kidney damage and anemia, after using Chromium Picolinate consistently in her diet for several months.

The only safe ingredient in Solaren D is Guarana, a popular energy supplement used in nearly every weight loss drug. It is a safer form of caffeine, and helps boost energy levels safely.

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  • Uses Guarana Extract.
  • Specifically made for heavily overweight dieters.


  • Citrus Aurantium acts very similar to Ephedra and contains the same dangerous side effects.
  • Chromium Picolinate could interfere with kidney functioning (although this does not always happen).
  • No ingredients appear to have any appetite suppressant qualities.


Solaren D contains ingredients linked to many adverse side effects, but it definitely contains an energy formulation, which is key to sustaining a healthy diet. Visit a physician before trying Solaren D – they can decide if this pill will pose any serious health risks to yourself or your diet.

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