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Sole Treadmills are created by Sole Fitness. There is an official website for the company that lists a collection of Sole Treadmills among other pieces of fitness equipment. Sole Fitness also sells LCD fitness TVs, elliptical machines and various accessories. Sole Treadmills comes in folding and non-folding varieties. Folding Sole Treadmills start at $999 for a running surface of 20″ by 55″. Prices rise from there topping out at $1,999 for a running surface of 20″ by 60″. Sole Treadmills also sell non-folding treadmills starting at $1,699 with a 20″ by 60″ running deck. The most expensive model sells for $2,299.

List of Ingredients

Folding and non-folding treadmills.

Product Features

Sole Treadmills come in basic and highly advanced versions. The most basic model is the folding Sole Treadmill F63. This model includes none of the fancy electronic equipment that may push the price higher than a dieter can afford. Even as a basic treadmill, the Sole F63 offers wireless heart rate monitoring, speed, incline, distance and calories burned. The length of the running surface is a bit shorter than higher end models, but could be used as a good starter treadmill.

At the upper end of the Sole Treadmills line is the TT8. The longer and wider deck makes walking or running simply and effective. User weight maxes out at 425 pounds, which is much more than the 250 to 325 pound average. Users can control the speed of the treadmill based on current heart rate. The faster the heart is beating, the slower the treadmill will go. If the heart rate falls below a certain speed, the treadmill will speed up.

Sole Treadmills are priced higher than competitor models. The buyer does receive lifetime warranties on the motor, frame, electronics, belt and rollers. Shipping and handling is included in the price and no sales tax is paid unless the buyer lives in Utah.

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  • Working out is a good way to burn more calories.
  • The upper end Sole Treadmills model can be controlled by heart rate.


  • The price of Sole Treadmills may be too much for some dieters.
  • Some models weigh more than 250 pounds.
  • Heavy models tend to be non-folding.


Not every dieter has the space or money to own one of the Sole Treadmills. If the dieter wants the best treadmill for a daily workout, Sole Treadmills may fit that requirement. The equipment is high end and dieters may find they spend more money on a machine they use for only a short period of time. Losing weight does not require an expensive treadmill. Walking outside or up and down stairs in the home is free and can burn as many calories as any treadmill.

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