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Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced is a weight loss supplement sold through a beautiful website. If the company were selling based on website design, they would win the customer over every time, but they are trying to sell a thinner, leaner body to a consumer that has fallen for every trick in the book. The ingredients in Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced need to be effective and proven to convince the dieter to spend another chunk of money on this supplement. Far too many companies sell ineffective formulas with skinny people pictures and outrageous testimonials. Is Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced this type of company?

List of Ingredients

Lepticore, Phase 2, Carnipure, Konjac Glucomman, Green Tea EGCGs and Lotus Leaf Extract.

Product Features

Lepticore is a blend of weight loss ingredients. There are links to clinical studies on Lepticore, but Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced does not bother to reveal the ingredients in the formula. We found several clinical trials for Lepticore, but none revealed the ingredients. Dieters should beware as there could be stimulants in the product.

Phase 2 is a white kidney bean extract. Many manufacturers claim this ingredient can block the absorption of carbohydrates. In all reality, white kidney bean stops carbohydrates from being broken into tiny pieces during digestion. The tiny pieces take longer to digest and force glucose levels higher. When the larger pieces are kept whole, carbohydrates digest more quickly and have less impact on glucose levels.

Carnipure is a branded form of L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is commonly found naturally in some meats, particularly red meat, but dieters may choose leaner meats in place of red meat so L-Carnitine levels could drop. L-Carnitine plays an important role in energy production on a cellular level.

Konjac Glucomman is fiber. What makes this form of fiber different from psyllium husk is the fact that its water soluble. Some companies market glucomannan as the answer to obesity and weight loss because it blows up in the stomach filling the space available for food. This is not completely true. Yes, glucomannan does absorb water and grow in size, but water must be available in the stomach for the fiber to grow, thus the dieter must consume lots of water before taking the supplement.

Green tea standardized for EGCGs is one of the most effective weight loss ingredients. There are clinical studies backing EGCGs support of weight loss. We don’t know how much EGCGs are in Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced, however, and that is something the dieter needs to know.

Lotus Leaf Extract is a diuretic. Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced claims the ingredient also burns fat, but we did not find that claim on other, third-party websites.

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  • Ingredients listed online.
  • Some ingredients are proven to improve weight loss.


  • Lepticore ingredients are not listed on the Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced website.
  • We have no idea how much EGCGs are included in the formula.


Solo Slim Extra Strength Advanced is a relatively sound formula, but Lepticore leaves us guessing. Without a complete list of ingredients used in Lepticore, we do not suggest a dieter try the product. The ingredients could be stimulants and not all dieters can take stimulant ingredients.

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    I have received a Solo Slim by mail. it says MFG 02/2012 but no expiration date. How long before it expires?
    Thanks. U. Beer