Somalife GHP Youth Formula Review

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Somalife formulates and sell several supplements. The Somalife gHP Youth Formula offers seven benefits to the consumer, according to the official website. These benefits include better sleep, improved cell health, more energy, better mood and a better outlook on life. The ingredient list reveals that Somalife may not be a trustworthy company as two supplements marketed for two different benefit lists have the exact same ingredients.

List of Ingredients

L-Lysine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine, Glycine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine.

Product Features

All of the ingredients in Somalife gHP Youth Formula are amino acids. Some are essential and others are non-essentials. According to research, companies who market amino acid supplements for anti-aging support the theory that the acids take up where natural collagen production leaves off. The acids are supposed to stimulate collagen production and help refill the facial lines common with aging. Somalife gHP Youth Formula claims to be a proven treatment, but there are no links or reference to external clinical or research studies on the website. There is a science tab which leads to a few paragraphs about why the product works.

Somalife goes on to use the same ingredients in the same amounts with the same dosage for their gHP Sport Formula. While alternative therapies often have more than one use or function in the body, it looks like Somalife peeled the label off the Somalife gHP Youth Formula and replaced it with another label for the Sport Formula. If this is the case, the company could market the same supplement to nearly every market of alternative health.

Pricing for Somalife gHP Youth Formula is not given for individual purchases. Somalife only sells their supplements to resellers at a wholesale price. The wholesale price for one bottle is $90. Somalife suggests selling the bottle for $139.95.

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  • Ingredient list is revealed on the official website.


  • Somalife includes the same ingredients in two supplements.
  • The Somalife gHP Youth Formula only contains amino acids.
  • The supplements is priced much more than other anti-aging amino acid supplements.
  • Consumers may not trust the company selling one product with two names.
  • No clinical research is used to support the seven benefit claims.


Somalife gHP Youth Formula is an amino acid supplement with a long list of extraordinary claims. The science portion of the official website does not include any science at all, rather another set of paragraphs explaining how amino acids work in the body to support anti-aging. The consumer can click another tab and read about a sport supplement that offers a new list of benefits from the same ingredients. If one supplement can turn back the hands of time and increase athletic performance, Somalife may have enough literature to slap a third label on the bottle.

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