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Somatropin is also known as human growth hormone. Human growth hormone (HGH) is a naturally-occurring substance secreted in the pituitary gland. Human growth hormone has been used to treat many conditions and ailments over the years. In recent years, Somatropin has been synthesized for multiple medical uses. It is frequently used for growth conditions in children and has also shown great promise to prevent muscle-wasting in HIV patients.

Somatropin is also frequently used in weight loss and muscle-building. In the body, HGH stimulates a substance in the liver called IGF-1. IGF-1 regulates the body’s production of insulin, so that the body produces only enough insulin to convert the necessary glucose into cells for storage. Somatropin can produce enough IGF-1 to stop the ability of insulin to pack away glucose. The body then burns it for energy instead. Somatropin also makes the body burn the previously-stored glucose first. This means the body is burning fat and is prevented from storing more. That may result in significant weight loss. When Somatropin is injected in large doses, it increases the number of muscle cells there are in the body. This is one of the methods used by body-builders to increase their size.


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Somatropin has not been approved for weight loss purposes by the FDA which poses significant problems. The first is that there are no significant clinical trials supporting the effectiveness of injecting Somatropin. The second is that there is no standardized dose. Too little may not be effective and too much may produce adverse side effects. Purchasing from an unknown manufacturer may result in an impure product which can be dangerous.

Some weight loss pills on the market claim to contain Somatropin but they amount to false advertising. Somatropin is an injectible substance that can be taken at a doctor’s office or administered at home. It can also be found as an oral spray. It is not available in pill form. Because Somatropin is not a medically-recommended method of weight loss, not all of the possible adverse side effects have been properly documented. There is some evidence that large doses of Somatropin may increase the size of tumors. Anyone considering injecting Somatropin for weight loss should consult with their physician prior to the first treatment.

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  • May aid in significant weight loss.


  • Not FDA approved for weight loss purposes.
  • No standardized dosage.
  • Few clinical studies supporting the effectiveness for weight loss purposes.
  • Unknown side effects.


Somatropin is a popular “underground” weight loss aid used even by some celebrities. However, the lack of clinical research and standardization makes using it risky. Fortunately, there are clinically-proven weight loss aids that contain effective ingredients, such as green tea extract. Consumers may wish to thoroughly research all other options before choosing this one.

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