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Somercize is a weight loss plan created and promoted by Suzanne Somers. There is much to be appreciated about this particular approach to weight loss, because it seems to give you the entire package rather than focusing on one single aspect of the weight loss battle. More importantly, Suzanne Somers places great emphasis on attitude and the importance of remaining positive for the overall success of your dieting lifestyle change.

The plan doesn’t focus on diet, raither it includes a lifestyle makeover that adjusts the way you view everything from exercise and eating to preparing food and even looking in the mirror. Some foods are restricted on the Somercize program, though you will find many more options than are commonly available on other diet plans. Somercize also provides recipes, the program claims, “allow you to feel like you are cheating” when you are actually enjoying delicious food that is good for you.

List of Ingredients

Somercize really is a lifestyle makeover rather than a weight loss plan or diet. You will find exercise equipment, books, tapes, mixes, recipes, snacks, and encouragement for your weight loss and fitness goals.

Product Features

Somercize doesn’t present a quick fix approach, but rather offers a set of changes that you can make to improve your overall health as well as your overall mental well being. This diet approaches more than physical health and encourages users to switch to a more positive way of thinking.

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  • Encourages an overall healthier lifestyle.
  • Combines diet and fitness for more stable results.
  • Creates a positive atmosphere which may make it easier to achieve your weight loss goals.


  • The costs may be somewhat prohibitive.
  • It may feel as though the each Somercize product is an attempt to sell yet another product. Many components of Somercize seem to want to you buy extras.
  • Requires a time commitment as well as a financial commitment.
  • Geared toward women and not really designed to appeal to men.


Suzanne Somers presents the tools that are needed in order to have a serious lifestyle overhaul. The costs involved is somewhat prohibitive but the potential results, many will agree, could be worth the initial investment, especially if you approach Somercize with a positive attitude and expect positive changes. Somercize seems to make available all the tools you need to really achieve the weight loss results you’d like to see in your life, from recipes, convenience mixes and snack foods, to exercise programs and workout equipment, and motivational books and tapes. While this type of program might work for some people, we don’t recommend it for those looking to lose weight quickly. If you are not willing to commit a great deal of time and mental energy to this process, you probably won’t see the promised results and some people find that hiring a personal nutritionist or therapist will yield similar results at a similar cost. If you do choose to take part in the Somercize program, you could want to add some diet products that contain well known ingredients that have been proven to decrease appetite and burn fat.

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