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Sommersize is a weight loss program that was developed by the actress Suzanne Sommers. It is promoted on her website as being a lifestyle choice and not a diet. In this review we will take a closer look at this program and use the information that is available to us to try and determine if this product can help someone to lose weight and keep it off.


One of the things that we know that we know is apparent about this diet is that it has strict limitations on the amount of carbohydrates that you can consume. The other foods that appear in this diet are not known as of yet.

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There are claims that are listed on the official website that states things such as Sommersize is not a diet that it is a program that is designed to help you change your entire lifestyle of what you eat. This is supposed to do this by providing you the guidelines that are necessary to help people eat better without the feelings of hunger and deprivation. It appears as though this method is not necessarily unheard of. It is said that it is similar to other concepts that have already been presented to us before such as moderation and how to combine foods. These theories sound very similar to programs that are already out there.

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  • This program offers a wide variety of products that are supposed to aid in this change of lifestyle
  • This program can be purchased on the internet.
  • This program is said to contain many fun recipes.


  • This program appears as though it can become very expensive very fast.
  • While researching this product it appears as though that it has received many poor ratings.
  • It appears as though it may be very low in dietary fiber.


The largest benefit that was found in this so called lifestyle change is that it eliminates junk food. This program eliminates such things as pasta and bread and it is not realistic to some to say that they will never eat a bowl of pasta or a piece of bread again. Also, it says that this program can keep you from being hungry or deprived when studies have shown that when you completely eliminate a group such as carbs that you ultimately end up craving breads and grains even more so that such feelings have been compared to as “having the urge to knock over a bakery”. That, in my opinion, is not decreasing your cravings. A lot of medical professionals will also agree that dietary fiber is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and going without it can slow your digestive system leaving you with feelings that are said to be similar to constipation. A low carb diet that contains high protein is also said to have the potential to cause gall stones. So, while it appears that you may lose weight on this diet, it appears as though you may be putting your health at risk by doing so.

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3 User Reviews about Sommersize

  • 1
    stephanie gar.

    This program works! Back in 2002,I had lost 50 lbs( i was 230 lbs), and got down to 170 lbs. I was so exciting to find that my clothes were too loose and id have to shop for smaller ones.I would have reached my goal,but after the weight lose, I was able to conceive! After the birth i just got lazy and til this day, ive found it hard to not pair up carbs with protein. I had will power back then but, i seem to have lost that will power after the birth… I was losing 2 lbs a week on this program.


  • 2
    Connie Perry

    this diet does NOT leave out carbs! You can specifically eat carbs and high quality is encouraged. It is a matter of not combining carbs with proteins and fats. This is the one diet that does not leave out any food group. I lost 17 lbs in 5 weeks and found it very healthy. Lots of fruits and veggies. no measuring and weighing! I ate plenty of fiber…more than normal. It is not atkins.


  • 3
    carol turner

    The somersize program does not cut all carbs out of the diet, just the bad carbs, refined sugar, white bread and pasta, and processed foods. Plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains are included