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The Sonoma Diet is a claimed to be “like no other.” The official Sonoma website states that this weight loss routine is a “celebration of food,” as opposed to a typical strict eating plan. Rather than putting restrictions on many foods, the Sonoma Diet allows users to consume all sorts of foods. However, this diet plan puts a restriction on the amount that’s consumed. In return, this program endeavors to benefit your heart, boost your vitality and increase overall health. The Sonoma Diet focuses on common foods that are easy to acquire and are claimed to assist in the weight reduction process.

The Sonoma Diet plan was developed by one Dr. Connie Guttersen. She claims that her diet plan revolves around a Mediterranean diet, which is not merely tasty and satisfying, but additionally aids in the weight loss process. Included in this “Mediterranean” style diet are various fruits, beans, breads, vegetables, cereals, seeds, potatoes and nuts. On the other hand, dairy products and meats are consumed less frequently and in smaller portions. Dr. Guttersen basically wrote the book The Sonoma Diet in order to get her teachings across and help people with dieting and weight loss. However, this plan aims to provide healthy cuisines that also taste good and satisfy the dieter. It reveals a number of “favorable and healthy” meals. Furthermore, the book is meant to help people through random cravings and common food frustrations. The book The Sonoma Diet is stated to be a New York Times best seller. The Sonoma Diet aims to improve the user’s health/weight within just 10 days. This diet system requires the use of a smaller plate, which is merely 9 inches in diameter, as opposed to larger dishes that are more common.

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The Sonoma Diet is a diet plan that is fully explained in the book called The Sonoma Diet. This weight loss program was developed by Dr. Connie Guttersen. The key components of this diet plan are 1) the basics of Mediterranean cuisine and 2) portion size. While the Sonoma Diet is claimed to be healthy, it isn’t supposed to taste bad or involve any diet pills/drugs. The dieter is intended to eat less meat (especially red meat) and fewer dairy products. A small plate (9 inches) is incorporated into this diet plan to control portions. Fresh ingredients are also supposed to be used with the Sonoma Diet.

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  • The official website markets the Sonoma Diet book online for convenient purchase.
  • The Sonoma Diet does not involve taking “diet pills” that may have side effects.
  • The official website offers access to “14 dieting tools.”


  • The Sonoma Diet may be a tad too involved for some dieters that prefer a simple capsule or pill to take daily.
  • The Sonoma Diet offers no supplement to suppress hunger or burn calories faster.
  • The Sonoma Diet may prove to be rather time consuming for some individuals since meal preparation is involved.
  • The Sonoma Diet focuses on Mediterranean foods, which may not be preferred by all users.
  • The Sonoma Diet book does not appear to come with a money-back guarantee.


In the world of modern diets, the Sonoma Diet certainly offers a unique and interesting take on dieting and losing weight. Since this program primarily consists of changing your eating habits and reading a book, dieters won’t have to purchase any supplements or pills. On the other hand, there’s no way of telling that the Sonoma Diet will really be more beneficial than any other diet plan or lifestyle change. In the end it’s really a good idea to scrutinize all diet and weight loss options prior to selecting a plan such as the Sonoma Diet.

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2 User Reviews about Sonoma Diet

  • 1
    Marina Maalouf

    A personalized version of this diet should be customized for you by your dietecian or physician. Concerning your diabetes, the Sonoma diet seems to be avoiding simple sugars and sweets, but someone should customize your fruit eating schedule. It will also depend upon if you’re under artificial insulin or only anti-diabetic drugs. Concerning your renal disease, you also need a physician to assess how much sodium, potassim, etc…your kidneys can handle, depending on the stage you’re in, as those are found in almost all the food, fruits, and vegetables. It’s wonderful that you find such a motivation to maintain your weight despite the trouble it may be considering diabetes and renal disfunctions :) goodluck!!!


  • 2
    naomi stevens

    i have diabetes and renal disease -no sugar no salt
    and no red meat. would this be for me?