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Sopharma is a Bulgarian pharmaceutical company that produces medications and supplements. Under the supplement line there are several products marketed to improve weight loss efforts. Among the natural supplements are Chitosan and Phytic Acid. Sopharma also sells several standalone herbs that may be used to increase weight loss such as Vita Select dry green tea extract.

All Sopharma natural supplements are sold under the Ramcopharm name. Vita Select sells for $22.80 for 20 capsules of dry green tea extract. Chitosan sells for $13.80 per 60 tablets and Phytic Acid sells for $25.95 per 40 tablets.

List of Ingredients

Vita Select: Dry green tea extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron, Manganese and Zinc.

Chitosan: Chitosan?

Phytic Acid: Phytic Acid?

Product Features

Sopharma sells hundreds of supplements, natural therapies and herbal oils that can be used for a variety of reasons. All products are sold online through the official Sopharma website or one of the affiliated companies. In the weight loss category, there are very few supplements available and the ones listed may have very little effect on weight loss.

Vita Select is the most beneficial of all supplements by Sopharma for weight loss. Green tea extract has been studied for its effect on metabolism and shown to increase calorie burn in the body. Burning more calories leads to fat loss. However, the 150 mg of green tea per capsules is far lower than comparable green tea supplements selling for less than half the price of Vita Select.

Chitosan is supposed to absorb many times its weight in fat. This effect is not proven and the true ingredient list could not be found on the Sopharma website. Phylin, or Phytic Acid, is supposed to increase energy, but the potential negative side effects far outweigh any energy benefits. Phytic acid binds to soluble vitamins calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron. Once bound, the vitamins are not absorbed by the body, which can lead to deficiency.

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  • Information is listed on the Sopharma website about available supplements and herbs.


  • Some of the supplements do not reveal complete ingredient lists.
  • Phytic Acid can lead to vitamin deficiency.
  • Vita Select contains very little green tea.
  • Chitosan is not proven to absorb fat to increase weight loss.
  • The official website is full of spelling errors.


Sopharma does not appear to be a professional company marketing good solutions to improve health and weight loss. Instead, it appears the company is marketing hundreds of products in a mediocre manner. Some supplements have complete ingredient lists while others do not. No clinical support is given for any of the natural supplements or herbs in the Sopharma line. There is also mention of several other company names and a web URL that does not match the main URL address.

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