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Sound Concepts is a marketing company that helps distributors and companies to get the word out about their products in an effective way. The company offers several tools that can be used as part of a complete marketing campaign. A quick Internet search for Sound Concepts diets offers a unique set of online previews and promotional material for diet companies. Looking through the online previews, which were probably intended to be viewed before purchase by the appropriate client, the testimonials quickly catch the eye. One preview for Kyani Health Triangle done by Sound Concepts, listed four testimonials. All of the testimonials were grammatically correct and used words that are not normally part of everyday language. This could mean the testimonials on websites created by Sound Concepts are created by the company rather than the consumer.

List of Ingredients

Online marketing tools for businesses.

Product Features

Sound Concepts is indirectly linked to many online supplement companies. When searching for information, consumers may notice the description on the search engine results page notes Sound Concepts, but that name does not appear on the official page. Brochures are listed online that include the Sound Concepts name as specializing in creative business solutions.

Some of the herbal and supplement companies using Sound Concepts marketing tools include Tahitian Noni, IsaGenix, Waiora, Xocai and Mona Vie. The tools available through Sound Concepts are not dedicated to just the supplement industry. Other companies can market products and services using the same tools and methods common in the weight loss supplement and health supplement industry.

Sound Concepts does not list any pricing details for marketing. Businesses are asked to contact the company directly for more information on products and services offered by Sound Concepts. Dieters will have no reason to contact the company directly as Sound Concepts sells nothing but marketing and networking expertise.

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  • Good marketing tools can boost product and service sales.


  • No direct link to the weight loss industry.
  • Testimonials for diet supplements may not be real.
  • Online brochures are visible for companies that may not have approved their publishing.


From the marketing perspective of a weight loss company, Sound Concepts offers a unique solution with professional results. Brochures, websites and audio promotion materials are sold directly through the company to consumers. None of the preview websites we found listed any ingredients for the herbal supplements or weight loss products being promoted. Sound Concepts is essentially a marketing agency that includes order fulfillment. These services will be useless to a dieter.

Weight loss supplements are available with complete ingredient lists and proven herbal ingredients like green tea and chromium. These supplement companies offer real testimonials from people who have tried the product and seen positive results.

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