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What You Should Know

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Source Naturals offers a complete line of dietary and vitamin supplements that provide health benefits to dieters. One supplement, Source Naturals GABA, claims to support a calm mood. With no scientific research to support the claims, a dieter should be cautious about using this product. The only information provided on the official website is suggested retail prices, ingredient listing and recommended serving size.

Many prescription medications for mood stabilization and depression are prescribed for weight loss. Some have helped dieters lose weight and others have ended up in a court of law due to negative side effects and life threatening conditions. Mood stabilizers, whether over the counter or by prescription, should only be used by dieter under the advice of a physician. Dieters with a history of mental illness should never taken mood altering supplement due to potential life threatening changes in mood.

List of Ingredients

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid).

Product Features

GABA is naturally occurring in the human body. If GABA were not present, the body would constantly be in a state of alertness. Imagine muscles always contracted, mind always processing thoughts a mile a minute and constant tension and stress. This is the effect of not having GABA in the body. According to supplement companies like Source Naturals, GABA offers a natural means of reducing stress, promoting healthy sleep and reducing muscle tension. Basically, the body feels more relaxed from head to toe, but will the supplement work if GABA levels are high enough already?

Source Naturals does not bother to address this question, nor do other supplement companies selling GABA supplements.

GABA is formed in the brain, but supplements providing additional GABA cannot pass into the brain. The effect real GABA has on the central nervous system is not the same effect the dieter will have when taking oral GABA. There is a connection between oral GABA and relief from depression or anxiety, but this connection only brings up more red flags. If a dieter is on medication for these conditions or suffers from clinical depression or anxiety, this supplement could drastically affect mood.

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  • Source Naturals GABA ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • GABA may relieve some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety.


  • Dieters with mental conditions should not take Source Naturals GABA.
  • The supplement may affect mood.
  • This supplement is contraindicated when the dieter is taking prescription medications for depression or other mental condition.


There are far too many lawsuits out there because anti-depressants were used as diet drugs. Source Naturals GABA does not work like natural GABA, but it may change mood and fight the effects of depression and other mental conditions. The dieter can expect to feel less stress and tension, but there is a price to pay. Even if the dieter does not know they have a mental condition, Source Natural GABA may cause negative side effects if one is present.

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