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Source Naturals is a trusted name in supplements and natural alternative treatments. That trust waivers a bit when the company sells a supplement known to cause negative side effects. Source Naturals Colloidal Silver claims to boost the immune system , replace traditional medications and treat terminal diseases. Unfortunately, the claims are undocumented by proven research. The Food and Drug Administration has ruled that products containing colloidal silver do not provide the consumer with a treatment to disease and offer no health benefits.

Colloidal silver was prescribed to patients with infections and illness before antibiotics were widely available. When patients started developing gray skin color, the treatment was considered ineffective and later supplement companies stopped using colloidal silver all together. We are unsure why Source Naturals is associated with colloidal silver when there have been cases of death linked to supplementation of silver.

List of Ingredients

Silver, deionized water.

Product Features

Patients taking Source Naturals Colloidal Silver or other brand name silver supplement, can expect skin changes in as little as a few weeks. In some cases, it takes more than a year of supplementation for the discoloration to occur. Once the skin changes color, it will stay that color forever unless the skin is treated with laser therapy. The skin condition caused by colloidal silver is called argyria.

While argyria is not life threatening, status epilepticus is life threatening. Patients taking large amounts of silver supplements like Source Naturals Colloidal Silver can develop the condition. Status epilepticus occurs when the brain seizes. The length of the seizure varies as does the number of seizures, but the end result is typically the same – death.

There are no health benefits or weight loss benefits associated with Source Naturals Colloidal Silver. The Food and Drug Administration warn consumers that many products contain microorganisms and bacteria. The percentage of suspended silver in each vial tends to vary widely so one bottle may contain the exact amount and the next may contain half the first bottle. The third bottle could contain twice as much as the first. There is no way of tracking the concentration or suspension.

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  • An ingredient list is published on the Source Naturals website.


  • Colloidal silver may lead to argyria or status epilepticus.
  • There are no health benefits or weight loss benefits associated with taking the supplement.


Source Naturals Colloidal Silver is a dangerous supplement. Not only does the Food and Drug Administration warn consumers about potential bacteria that may be present in the supplement, but there are cases of death from brain seizure associated with colloidal silver. We are disappointed that any supplement company would still put their name on a colloidal silver supplement. Years ago when antibiotics replaced colloidal silver, reputable companies dumped the supplement. Source Naturals did not.

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