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Source Naturals Diet Chitosan is a fiber supplement aimed at helping the dieter reduce body weight. There is only one ingredient in the supplement. Optimally, the fiber in Diet Chitosan would help the dieter consume less food due to reduced hunger. Source Naturals sells a Maximum Metabolism Weight Loss Plan, with which the Diet Chitosan can be taken.

Source Naturals offers a complete ingredient list for Diet Chitosan. There is a link listing suggested pricing, but Source Naturals does not sell the product directly. There are no testimonials or reviews on the Source Naturals website.

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Chitosan is a fiber formulated from shellfish. The fiber works in much the same way other fibers work, but Diet Chitosan is supposed to dissolve much better in stomach acids, according to the product literature listed on the Source Naturals website. There are no clinical links supporting the claims that Chitosan is better dissolved in acids.

Fiber works wonders to reduce appetite if it is consumed about 30 minutes before a meal. Fiber enters the digestive system before food and slows down digestion. When food is consumed after fiber, it must sit in the stomach longer, until the fiber has completed digestion. If the stomach takes longer to empty, hunger subsides and the dieter can go longer between meals and snacks.

It is especially important to start out slowly when including fiber as a diet aid. Fiber can cause gas and bloating that may be painful at times, if too much fiber is consumed at one time. Source Naturals Diet Chitosan includes only one gram of fiber, far less than the recommended 30 grams of fiber the dieter should consume per day.

Diet Chitosan sells for $13.50 per 120 capsules and $24.98 per 240 capsules.

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  • Source Naturals lists all ingredients on the official website.
  • Diet Chitosan contains a healthy source of fiber.
  • Fiber may help control appetite.


  • Diet Chitosan does not contain enough fiber.
  • Fiber may suppress appetite but it will not increase weight loss.
  • Fiber is not a fat burner.


Source Naturals Diet Chitosan may help restrict hunger, but only minimally. Fiber is a healthy means of hunger suppression but it takes more than one gram of fiber to achieve these results. Green tea and caffeine are both good sources of natural fat burners, but Diet Chitosan contains neither. If the dieter wants to consume fiber as an appetite suppressant, it may be best if they do so from healthy food sources rather than consuming a dietary supplement with little fiber content. Diet Chitosan should be safe to take with other proven, natural fat burners.

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