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Source Naturals Diet Pyruvate is a supplement that claims to increase energy production. Calcium pyruvate plays an important role in the Krebs cycle of energy production. The human body produces all the pyruvate it needs to support energy production, but there are some experts that believe supplementation is important to increase energy levels. Source Naturals does not list clinical research supporting the need for increased calcium pyruvate.

Source Naturals lists all ingredients for the supplements it formulates and even lists a suggested retail price, but the company does not sell products directly. Consumers are expected to visit a third-party retailer to place an order. Depending on the retailer, the consumer may not have a money back guarantee to customer service support for products ordered.

List of Ingredients

Protein, Calcium, Calcium Pyruvate Monohydrate.

Product Features

Calcium pyruvate participates in anaerobic and aerobic energy production in humans. Most often, the body produces all the calcium pyruvate it needs, but there are instances when natural processes simply do not work, as they should. Calcium pyruvate is a safe supplement, but pregnant women and children should not take the product.

Because calcium pyruvate is created when starches and sugars are digested, supplementation may be more important for people following a lower carbohydrate diet. These dieters would not consume enough sugars and starches to supply a source for calcium pyruvate production, thus energy levels may be lower than normal. Supplementation could improve energy.

Dieters can take up to 5 grams of calcium pyruvate per day. This supplement contains 3 grams, which is the common amount across other supplements. As is the case with any form of calcium, it may cause constipation for some dieters. Taking magnesium with calcium may help prevent constipation.

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  • Source Naturals Diet Pyruvate is a calorie free supplement.
  • Ingredients are listed in an easy to read format.
  • The suggested retail price is low.
  • Dieters may feel an energy boost after taking calcium pyruvate.


  • Source Naturals Diet Pyruvate may not increase energy for all dieters.
  • The supplement is not sold from Source Naturals.
  • No customer support from the manufacturer.


Calcium pyruvate may help some dieters feel an energy boost without adding a stimulant to their supplement program, but that does not mean metabolism will increase. Caffeine is also a stimulant that is considered safe for most dieters to consume and it is proven to boost metabolism and weight loss. Source Naturals does not bother listing clinical research even though they refer to the fact that calcium pyruvate is proven to increase energy. We suggest using a proven diet supplement with clinical research, testimonials and a money back guarantee.

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