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Source Naturals DMAE claims to increase mental concentration, but does not address the link between the supplement and weight loss. A supplement which affects a dieter’s mental state should be backed by proven scientific research. Source Naturals does not offer any such studies. The only information we found on the official website was a list of ingredients, a pregnancy warning and suggested retail prices. Source Naturals DMAE is not available for purchase on the official website, but is available on third party sites such as for $7.

We found clinical testing for DMAE for mood disorders and ADHD. While preliminary findings are beneficial, in some cases, the overall consensus among professionals is that the supplement provides no known health benefits. Most studies included animals with few positive results to report. There is some who believe DMAE is beneficial when taken by patients with slight mood disorders, but these patients were given DMAE in a clinical setting. It is not considered safe for a dieter or consumer to self-treat a mental condition with DMAE or any other supplement with mood altering effects.

List of Ingredients

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate).

Product Features

Source Naturals offers a long list of supplements and little information on any of them. The official website lists Source Naturals DMAE with an ingredient list and a suggested retail price. There is a short reference to the potential health benefits, but no additional information. We managed to find clinical studies supporting a mental boost in patients taking the supplement, but the studies were short-term and included few participants. In the scientific community, this means the results are null and void. Large-scale human studies with rigorous controls and a peer review board are needed before any health benefits are taken seriously.

In terms of mood disorders, treating mental illness with a natural supplement may be good for some patients, but these patients must do so under the care of a physician or alternative health professional. Self-treating can lead to dangerous mood swings and potentially fatal end results. While we doubt the effect of DMAE will be noticeable, there is no sense in taking a chance.

Source Naturals DMAE is not associated with weight loss, but plenty of anti-depressants and mood boosting herbs are used to improve weight loss efforts. These medications and supplements work to boost mood so the dieter feels better about losing weight and sticking with a diet. Unfortunately, the treatment does not always work. There are several lawsuits associated with anti-depressants used for weight loss and negative side effects.

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  • Source Naturals lists all ingredients for DMAE.


  • Clinical studies are not supportive of mood boosting claims.
  • The supplement should not be used by dieters with mental conditions.


Source Naturals DMAE is not a supplement the dieter should add to the “must take” list. There are no direct benefits to weight loss and the potential mood boosting effects are not proven. There are natural mood boosters proven to be both safe and effective, for some dieters.

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